High Tech Campus Eindhoven launches Benelux’s first physical innovation hub for spatial computing and metaverse

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    Dutch high-tech campus Eindhoven inaugurated 3 realitythe newest and Benelux’s first innovation hub focused on spatial computing and the metaverse, will open on October 6th.

    3EALITY aims to foster an ecosystem of innovators in the Benelux countries focused on spatial computing and metaverse-driven applications and business models. We also support partners and residents to demonstrate their solutions and educate the market through events and educational programs in collaboration with the university.

    Spatial computing is a technology that blends the digital and physical worlds, allowing users to interact with digital objects in real-world environments. Create immersive experiences using technologies like AR and VR.

    “High-tech Campus Eindhoven has the ambition to become part of the world’s leading technology hub in 2030,” said Otto van den Boogaard, CEO of HTCE.

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    “To achieve this, we will play an active role in driving innovation by launching physical hubs born from technology trends,” adds Van den Boogaard.

    Get to know 3EALITY

    The name “3EALITY” reminds us that technology is a tool that enhances reality, not replaces it. “3” refers to the three-dimensional evolution of the Internet, connecting the digital and physical. In a world where virtual reality feels far away, 3EALITY creates balance by harmonizing with nature.

    The physical infrastructure, including office space and technical facilities, will be strategically located in two locations: on the ground floor and in the basement of HTC 37, the former Philips Research building.

    The design of the space will focus on encouraging inspiration and collaboration within vibrant community areas and coworking spaces.

    Construction on the hub will begin in the coming months, with an official opening scheduled for mid-February. The first tenants are expected to move in by then.

    “We are currently finalizing cooperation agreements with companies that will provide us with the necessary infrastructure and know-how on this topic,” said Philippe Werle, Business Developer for Emerging Technologies at HTCE. states.

    “Additionally, we expect the first innovative companies to locate in the hub upon opening. This will be the beginning of a new cluster of emerging technology companies in HTCE.” he added.

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    3EALITY was announced during Immersive Tech Day. At this event, Werle announced his Epic Games as the first partner of the innovative hub.

    At the event, 11 demo partners, including industry giants like Epic Games, NVIDIA, and Philips, showcased their innovative business solutions to an audience of 150 business professionals. Event attendees were given an exclusive preview of 3EALITY’s ambitious vision.

    The announcement comes after Apple CEO Tim Cook’s recent visits to NXP Semiconductors and HTCE. Earlier this year, Cook launched Apple into the “age of spatial computing” with his Vision Pro. With the launch of the new hub, HTCE is embracing this new technology trend.

    3EALITY is HTCE’s fifth innovation hub. Previously, the campus established a 5G hub, an AI innovation center, HighechXL, and an urban air mobility hub.

    HTCE also founded Fe+male Tech Heroes, an initiative aimed at improving gender equality and diversity in the technology industry. She currently has over 4,000 members, including women, men, and non-binary people.

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