Honda Races in Life Beyond’s Metaverse With New Web3 Gaming

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    Japanese car giant Honda is the latest global brand to enter the metaverse through a collaboration with Darewise, the developer of the blockchain-powered video game Life Beyond.

    This joint effort will integrate Honda's extensive industry expertise and focus on developing engaging gameplay elements within Life Beyond related to vehicles and transportation. This marks the iconic manufacturer's latest foray into new digital environments such as Metaverse and Web3.

    Honda and Darewise partner on automotive innovation in Life Beyond

    Darewise is a subsidiary of blockchain gaming company Animoca Brands and the lead developer working on the highly anticipated title Life Beyond. Touted as a vast AAA sci-fi game, Life Beyond promises advanced graphics and an engaging story.

    The game's setting on the fictional planet Dross offers immense possibilities for creativity when designing vehicles and transportation to travel through the Metaverse environment.

    Under this new partnership, Honda will leverage its experience as an automotive industry giant to contribute concept vehicles and associated gameplay mechanics that enable engaging traversal of Life Beyond's rich open world.

    Benjamin Sharvit, CEO of Darewise, highlighted the great potential of combining Honda's automotive innovation with the game studio's expertise in building vast virtual worlds.

    “This collaboration represents an exciting opportunity to develop fun and realistic vehicle and transportation gameplay within the Life Beyond metaverse with guidance from one of the world's most respected automotive brands. ”

    On Honda's side, the company continues to explore involvement in emerging digital spaces such as the Metaverse as consumer and commercial activity accelerates.

    Honda builds its presence in the metaverse

    The Life Beyond partnership follows other recent efforts into blockchain-based virtual worlds and expands Honda's footprint in the Metaverse. Last July, the company launched a dedicated island called “Hondaverse” within the popular game “Fortnite.”

    The interactive space utilized Honda's customized maps to feature parkour racing courses and game trivia for Fortnite players and streamers. The Hondaverse has garnered a lot of attention since its debut, with the well-established Fortnite content attracting his creators and their millions of followers.

    Honda will play a pivotal role in developing the vehicle gameplay for Life Beyond's dystopian sci-fi setting, introducing its automotive brand to the large number of users it expects to inhabit the Metaverse when Chrbit launches. It's ready.

    As brands and companies continue to flock to blockchain-powered virtual environments where the next generation of consumers will interact and transact, Honda is staking its turf and staying one step ahead.

    Cryptocurrency adoption through payment partnerships

    In addition to strengthening Honda's presence in the emerging Metaverse and Web3 space, the automotive group last year announced cryptocurrency payments integration in collaboration with leading crypto payments provider FCF Pay.

    The partnership will allow Honda customers across the United States to use FCF Pay's POS platform to purchase vehicles from participating Honda dealers using the popular cryptocurrency.

    FCF Pay supports 46 digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, and Binance Coin. As such, crypto holders can now enjoy ample flexibility when exploring Honda's range of top-selling sedans, SUVs, and trucks.

    With the popularity of cryptocurrencies soaring among younger demographics, embracing decentralized digital currencies is logical for a traditional brand like Honda seeking continued relevance with tomorrow's consumers. It has become a movement.

    Between its collaboration with FCF Pay and Honda's deepening involvement in the Metaverse environment, the automotive conglomerate is keeping pace with technological changes to ensure lasting demand for its products around the world.

    Be energized for the road ahead

    Honda has been a mainstay in the automotive sector for decades, building a reputation for constant innovation and staying responsive to changing market trends. This forward-thinking spirit has led the company to enter virtual frontiers like the Metaverse, where new opportunities await.

    Teaming up with talented developers like Darewise to infuse the Life Beyond metaverse with Honda's signature ingenuity promises a captivating gaming experience that captures players' imaginations.

    Meanwhile, the brand is also expanding its inclusivity in the real world by introducing cryptocurrencies and making its vehicles accessible to more customers through the FCF Pay collaboration.

    Honda looks poised to maintain its pole position for many more laps in the global race among automakers, with a dual focus on digital growth for the future and customer convenience today. .


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