How did the aerospace, defence & security industry treat metaverse in Q2 2023 filings?

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    According to GlobalData, the Metaverse in particular was one of the most frequently referenced themes in Q2 2023, ranking highest in terms of mentions, ahead of missile defense and e-commerce.

    Among the top leading companies in the aerospace, defense and security industry, Safran saw the largest quarter-over-quarter increase in Metaverse references in Q2 2023. GlobalData has identified one Metaverse-related article from him in the company’s filings, and in Q2 2023 he had a 100% increase compared to Q2 2022.

    GlobalData’s Company Filings Analytics applies sentiment weights to reference sentences based on whether the sentence is positive, negative, or neutral. Starting 2020 at 100, indices above 100 are more positive. The Metaverse Composite Index for Q2 2023 was .

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