How EY Has Built Out An Award-winning Metaverse Lab

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    EY Metaverse Lab was named Creator of the Year at Metaverse’s The Drum Awards. Learn from award-winning case studies.

    At EY, our purpose is to build a better working world. EY teams use technology to solve real-world problems and positively impact people. To support strategic initiatives in the EY Metaverse ( and deliver real outcomes for clients, EY teams have created the EY Metaverse Lab (https://www.ey .com/en_gl) was established. /news/2022/10/ey-wavespace-and-ey-metaverse-lab-help-clients-transform-for-the-decentralized-economy-driven-by-the-metaverse-and-web3) for rapid testing and expansion of new ideas and business models in the metaverse. EY Metaverse Lab also provides education, advice and concrete solutions to Metaverse’s EY clients. EY teams are leveraging the Metaverse to create long-term business value and positive human impact. The EY organization will invest $50 million in Metaverse, which works to advise companies on expanding their technology capabilities for the virtual world.

    EY Metaverse Lab developed EYVerse. EYVerse is EY’s version of the metaverse, representing a unique and holistic view of large-scale disruption, offering a glimpse into how every industry, business, and society will evolve into a metaverse. It is deeply immersive and fully interactive. , Spatial Internet.

    EY Metaverse Lab uses EYVerse to explore industrial automation and IoT via digital twins, the future of work and remote collaboration, the Metaverse and Web3, robotics, and AI/ML.

    At the forefront of EY clients and the industry, EY teams and leaders are helping multiple clients rethink their digital strategies, determine their Metaverse presence, and provide impactful thought leadership to the industry about the Metaverse and its potential. We have been at the forefront of supporting education and dissemination. It’s a way to reshape our thinking. For more information, please visit


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