How Metaverse Crypto Ventures Will Play on Apple Vision Pro

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    As always, and as expected, there's a lot of noise and buzz surrounding Apple and the launch event arriving in the US.

    The Apple Vision Pro headset has entered the market and is attracting the attention of entrepreneurs, leaders, and, of course, Metaverse crypto projects.

    The use of the Metaverse is exploding, with numerous initiatives and companies exploring or leveraging it. The Vision Pro headset is predicted to revolutionize the metaverse landscape, which is already synonymous with innovation, by enabling the stable integration of digital and physical ecosystems.

    As expected, several metaverse and blockchain companies are already interested. Upcoming Apple products And I got involved long before it launched.

    Apple said the new product will be available in the United States starting the first Friday of the second month of this year, and you can pre-order the device that blends the physical and real worlds for $3,499. Clearly, metaverse and blockchain companies are already sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting for carts to be emptied and order tracking numbers to arrive. But what and why? What exactly is expected of an innovative company that stays on top of and capitalizes on the latest technology trends?

    Apple's long-awaited headset is finally available

    Apple's upcoming planned release will be the first time the company has released a huge product since integrating the Apple Watch nine years ago. Some tech geeks will argue that the last time such a big sale coincided with the sale of the original iPhone 17 years ago.

    After years of speculation, misinformation, rumors, and endless waits, the company has finally announced the date the mixed reality headset will be available for pre-order. Despite some problems along the road; This year's production will be halved, that moment seems closer than ever. But there's a “but”. Apple tries to differentiate its products from other devices on the market.

    They remind device developers in a recently uploaded article for themselves that they call their apps “spatial computing” rather than “mixed reality,” “augmented reality,” “virtual reality,” or “augmented reality.” We recommend that you label it as

    To get a glimpse of how the device is used, they're also uploading video content targeted at Internatutors, trying to make a similar pitch to the hype that built up in 2007.

    If the company hits another jackpot with its new device, it could be a new source of billions of dollars in revenue for the company. However, given the precarious economic situation and daunting economic outlook for most people, the high price tag makes this device only explored by the energetic and the kind of companies involved in the metaverse. There is a possibility that it will be relegated to the realm of playable toys.

    For such devices to reach some level of ATH in terms of mainstreaming, huge steps must be taken to ensure aspects such as lower inflation, higher employment rates, and logically a lower number of data breach claims. need to do it.

    According to experts, breach claims related to Internet users who do not store or use data accurately remain high, and efforts are being made to reduce their number.

    However, as we move into 2024 and awareness campaigns targeting digital safety intensify, we expect to see an increase in the number of people who become more familiar with spaces that mix virtual and real.

    iPhone 15 Pro | 3D spatial video capture

    Decentraland thwarts bullish vibes on Apple's hot releases

    Developed in 2020 through programs like C# and OpenGL Shading Language, Decentraland quickly gained momentum and now ranks as one of the most profitable and influential blockchain companies in the world. has become a vital player in a world of mixed realities.

    Metaverse companies that rely on the Ethereum blockchain, said to be the best tool for creating DeFi and dApps, and the precursors to these applications, are not only frontrunners in innovative solutions. Still, in terms of popularity and mainstreamness, it's at the top of the list along with Axie Infinity and The Sandbox. Therefore, looking into the predictions and speculations of such Giants players can help us understand the bigger picture better.

    As we mentioned recently, Decentraland is optimistic about the future of the Metaverse alongside Apple's hot releases. @yemeljardi, a well-respected person on social media as his director, 3D Cyberspace Executive Browser-based platform Decentraland, exclaimed bullishness about new entrants to the Metaverse world and the industry as a whole. Analyzing her optimistic outlook, Decentraland is expected to rank among her among the companies that are taking the most advantage of Apple's new additions.

    Possibilities of new mixed reality attracting attention from metaverse companies

    Apple says the device will have the equivalent of 256GB of storage and will include eye-tracking technology to make it easier for customers who cannot use both eyes to operate the unit. It's amazing what new eye-tracking technology can do, and you only need one eye to get the most out of the product.

    Apple markets its products to stand out compared to other commercially available inventions and encourages Metaverse companies to incorporate it into their efforts, expanding the palette of opportunities for both users and producers. I look forward to it.

    Headsets allow users to move through virtual spaces, connect live with other users, and interact with digital items. In addition, headgear operators can now participate in innovative projects and participate in virtual events remotely.

    This development could significantly accelerate the presence of blockchain and crypto ventures in the metaverse environment.

    New resources for blockchain gaming businesses

    Among the players who benefit immensely from new releases, those involved in blockchain games are poised to benefit the most. These companies can use headgear to enhance user immersion, engagement, and innovative gaming opportunities. Furthermore, the fusion of blockchain technology and Vision Pro enables decentralized ownership of digital items, facilitating a space where participants have complete control over their virtual possessions.

    Inevitably, the intersection of AR and blockchain gaming has the potential to make new and innovative gaming ecosystems more accessible and inclusive.

    For example, Sandbox COO and co-founder Sebastian Borger has high expectations for Apple's new products. He believes blockchain-based experiences and his Web3 app will be so heavily used that Apple will have no choice but to embody the technology.

    Stay tuned for future releases and how the Metaverse Encryption Project leverages it for the maximum benefit of its users.


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