How Roblox is bringing AI to the metaverse

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    Leading the effort is Stefano Corazza, Head of Roblox Studio, the game creator toolkit. Corazza stands at a unique intersection of the metaverse and generative AI, offering him perspectives that may be useful to marketers interested in navigating either, or perhaps both, realms.

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    Ad Age tells Corazza about the role of AI in Roblox’s proto-metaverse, his advice for brands feeling conflicted between the two technologies, and how AI can avoid the cultural ramifications of overhype. talked about

    This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

    Why did Roblox decide to embrace generative AI tools?

    Our goal is to democratize content creation as much as possible, and generative AI is a way to bring this to life. It removes all technical barriers and allows people to express their intentions and publish their content in a very simple way.

    What are the advantages of using customized AI tools as opposed to ChatGPT or Midjourney API?

    The main customization of our AI is around code generation. If you were using a generic co-pilot, there would be no training in Lua, Roblox’s scripting language used to design games, as opposed to websites and backend services. The Large Language Model (LLM) we use is essentially fine-tuned for our use case.

    For example, Midjourney’s approach requires generating more material under the hood to make these images game-ready assets. Characters are not rendered correctly.


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