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    Roobet Marketing Director David Kostap

    community. It’s a powerful force driving the gaming industry today, and at Roobet we understand its importance.

    As a marketing professional, I recognize the impact of community building in all aspects of life, both online and offline. It’s interesting how people with common passions come together, form bonds, and experience the joy of connecting on common interests.

    Roobet was built by gamers for gamers, and innovation and technological advances have seen the industry evolve rapidly. From the humble beginnings of offline single-player games to the emergence of online games with chat capabilities, we are now on the brink of a new era, the Metaverse. The concept of a shared virtual world presents immense opportunities for the gaming community and industry to move forward and make waves.

    Statistics show that gaming is primarily a social activity, with a recent survey showing that 78% of players view video games as a way to build relationships with like-minded people. . This social aspect resonates strongly with Roobet, a company founded by a group of friends who first bonded by playing his CS:GO, then skins, and embarked on developing products around his economy. increase. As the social aspect of gaming continues to grow through online competition, streaming, chat rooms, and digital commodity trading, so does the demand for gaming experiences that reflect this camaraderie.

    Gone are the days when games were dismissed as mere escapism. They are now becoming an integral part of people’s daily lives as casually as meeting friends for dinner or hanging out at a club. Games and the metaverse offer alternative spaces where the limitations of the physical world no longer apply. Users can interact remotely, explore new locations within the virtual world without spending travel time, and enjoy endless possibilities.

    According to EY’s 2022 Gaming Industry Survey, 97% of respondents believe the gaming industry is at the heart of the metaverse. It’s interesting to see that the foundations of the Metaverse are rooted in massively multiplayer online (MMO) worlds like World of Warcraft. A space that gamers have explored for years, building communities, and driving technological and ideological progress.

    Roobet’s mission is to transform digital entertainment. Nothing is off limits to achieve this. And one of the things we’ve spent some time considering is leaping (or better hopping) into the metaverse, keeping in mind our core values ​​of community, innovation, and adventure. . As a company that puts gamers at the forefront, we prioritize the needs and desires of our community and strive to create safe, inclusive spaces that provide the best possible experience.

    The metaverse can bring a great many benefits. It provides a platform for multi-user functionality, enabling gameplay, social interaction and even virtual parties. It unlocks vast opportunities for creativity and self-expression, and operates in a decentralized manner, so no single entity has complete control. Most importantly, it introduces the concept of true ownership where players can trade, earn and buy in-game assets that are definitely theirs.

    Imagine walking into a Metaverse-based casino, gauging its buzz and checking if your friends are nearby, just like you would in the real world. From planned meetings to unexpected encounters, the thrill and serenity of real-life outings are reflected in the Metaverse.

    This level of peer-to-peer interaction and autonomy exceeds levels previously possible in pre-Metaverse games. Whether you are a novice or seasoned gamer, the depth of community involvement and interaction that the Metaverse offers is arguably one of the most compelling and important aspects of the Metaverse.

    Our aim is to provide the opportunity for the Roobet community to participate in the metaverse as intensely or casually as they wish. We can offer extensive personalization capabilities to allow individuals to express themselves within the virtual realm, ensuring the security of all encryption backed transactions and progress.

    Before we know it, interacting with friends in the Metaverse may become as natural and easy as social interaction is today. Rest assured, it’s not a boring experience, even if Lou says something about it.

    At Roobet, we are excited about the possibilities the Metaverse holds and are committed to being at the forefront of this dynamic evolution where technology, community and marketing converge to shape the future of gaming.


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