How to Buy Ethereum Phone? Is it a Good Option over Solana Phones?

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    Ethereum’s ethOS phone, designed to integrate seamlessly with the EVM chain and Layer 2, made headlines with pre-orders selling out in a single day. In contrast, Solana’s mobile venture Sagafon resorted to significant price adjustments this month, cutting costs by 40%.

    What is ethOS?

    The ethOS mobile device is a revolutionary improvement over the Google Pixel 7a, built with ethOS, an Ethereum-specific mobile OS. The ability to act as a lightweight Ethereum client allows the phone to autonomously validate blocks and synchronize with the Ethereum network, eliminating the need for intermediary services such as Infura or Alchemy.

    Security and compatibility features

    This groundbreaking phone comes with a built-in wallet and can be easily integrated with various other wallet services. While the Pixel 7a is not classified as a hardware wallet, it does come equipped with a unique security component, the Secure Enclave, dedicated to encrypting and securely storing private keys.

    exchange comparison

    How to buy an ethereum mobile phone?

    Only 50 devices were accessible during the pre-order stage, requiring potential buyers to forge and then burn an ethOS NFT to pre-order a phone. These exclusive NFTs are now appearing on NFT trading platform OpenSea, with several people trading 3 ETH or as much as $5,000. That’s amazing, especially when compared to the US market price of the standard Google Pixel 7A of $499.


    Are Ethereum Phones Better Than Solana Phones?

    Despite the initial wave of success of ethOS phones, Solana Saga phones appear to be grappling with slowing sales. Since its debut in April 2023, only 2,120 units have been sold, according to data from Flipside Crypto. To revitalize the sales trajectory, Solana Mobile has strategically lowered the price of the Saga phone from his $1,000 to a more attractive $599.

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