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    Kaspersky Lab experts have previously discovered phishing pages that imitate the web version of the social network and collect users’ login names and passwords.

    Additionally, an offer related to the so-called “Threads Coin” that promises to “connect users to the Metaverse” was also detected, but this turned out to be fake and being sold as a cryptocurrency online . It is important for users to remain vigilant when exploring new social media platforms.

    Important insights about thread security settings

    – Threads offers a security checkup feature that provides important security-related information about your Threads, Instagram, or Facebook account. This includes details about your connected email address, mobile phone number, last password change, and two-factor authentication (2FA) status.

    – For added security, users should set up 2FA. The thread is linked to his Instagram profile and uses the same login credentials. Therefore, the user must remember that her one password allows him access to two accounts. As an additional layer of security he uses 2FA to protect your account from unauthorized access. A reliable password manager can generate and store unique one-time passwords for 2FA, eliminating the need for a separate authentication solution.

    – It is not possible to delete just the Threads account. You will have to delete your connected Instagram profile and all your data will be hidden from other social network users.To do this, the user must[設定]->[アカウント]->[プロファイルの非アクティブ化]Move to[スレッド プロファイルの非アクティブ化]Choose.

    Privacy considerations

    – Users can control who can contact them by muting, restricting, or blocking someone without notifying the contacts involved.

    – Mute a user so you don’t see their posts. Restricting users prevents them from receiving notifications for actions such as likes and replies. Blocking a user prevents them from finding your profile or account. The list of blocked users is shared between Threads and Instagram.

    – To mute, limit, or block someone, go to their profile, click the three dots in the top right corner, and select the desired action.

    Increase thread privacy

    – Users can use the “@” symbol to control who can mention them in their posts.

    – Threads provides tools to combat offensive language. Users can filter offensive language in their posts using automatic filtering using built-in lists or by manually adding specific phrases and words.

    Anna Larkina, Kaspersky Lab’s Web Content Analyst Specialist, advises: Be aware of the ability to delete your account and account protection measures such as 2FA and privacy settings.

    “Please familiarize yourself with our privacy policy to understand what happens to your posts and photos once they are published and how easy it is to delete them. It is essential that you consider the terms of any new service before uploading it.”


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