How Token and Tixr Plan to Take On Ticketmaster

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    All hell broke loose when Taylor Swift announced her ‘Eras’ tour in November.

    Hundreds of thousands of dedicated Swifties (many of whom were confirmed for pre-sale) were disappointed when Ticketmaster failed to secure tickets or even peruse ticket options. Did.

    But the Taylor Swift debacle is just the latest in a long line of complaints against the ticket sales giant. Ticketmaster has dominated the events and concert space with few challengers since his merger with Live Nation in 2010.

    Adam Jones, Founder and CEO of tokenA commerce platform for fan-first events . First and foremost, with tokens, Jones is creating a queue-free system. This means fans can quickly see which events sold out where.

    “We are very lucky to have a modern, scalable tech stack that doesn’t have all these outages and outages,” said Jones. “That’s step one. We can know in real time whether there is

    Here’s how it works: Users register on her Token app and purchase tickets for events in the Metaverse through in-person events or Animal’s concerts. Purchased tickets appear in the form of his NFTs that can be automatically issued and can be used to purchase merchandise, other tickets to his events, or Adams’ future wishes (external rewards such as air travel). The more active users are on your site, the more valuable your NFT will be.

    Ticketmaster has long dominated the music industry due to its relationships with high-profile artists. To compete, Token is working to gain access to a number of popular artists. they recently animal concert, Live and non-live event experience platform housing artists like Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg, Robin Thicke and more.

    “You’ll see them doing all the metaverse side of the house,” said Jones. “And we [real-life] Web 3 sides of the house.

    Additionally, Token takes pride in working and Artists selling on the platform have set up the perfect system for their fanbase without high prices or extra charges. This is a common complaint from Ticketmaster users. Jones believes that where Ticketmaster fails, Token will succeed. The app encourages users to share more data about their interests, venues and artists by manipulating something like her system of points in the form of her NFTs that can be mined.

    “I can actually use a dataset to say that 100 million people around the world love Taylor Swift, so imagine her going on tour. [the user], “Would you like to go see her in Detroit?” “So you can let users know before something actually happens, right? What their options are and where they can get them.”

    TishurSanta Monica-based ticketing app was founded on the idea that a modern ticketing platform “lives in the legacy of the past.” They plan to attract users by offering them exclusive access to ticketed events not on Ticketmaster’s registry.

    Tixr CEO and Founder Robert Davari said: “So the product, the experience, the hospitality, all elegantly blended into this one content-driven interface of his.”

    Tixr sells tickets to exclusive concerts such as Tyga performances in nightclubs in Arizona, hosts general in-person festivals like ComplexCon, and long-term customers to sell tickets to races. We partner with local vendors like Acura Grand Prix on the beach. What’s more, Davari says it’s designed to keep up with high demand, so customers don’t have to wait hours in digital queues.

    Like Token, Tixr has had success with its rewards program — in the form of fan marketing.

    “At the core of any event, any brand, any live entertainment, there is nothing more powerful. [than] It’s the community behind it,” Dabari said. “So we build technology to empower our fans and reward them for bringing their friends and spreading the word.”

    Basically, when a user asks a friend to buy tickets for an event, the original user gets rewarded in the form of discounts or upgrades.

    Combined with the platform’s ability to handle high-demand events, Jones and Davari believe the platform has what it takes to take on Ticketmaster. They believe the expansion to the metaverse will also help the playing field.

    “So imagine not being able to go to Taylor Swift,” Jones said. go To the exact same show on the metaverse? The artist’s entire world can extend beyond the stage itself. ”

    It’s clear that with the current way tickets are sold for events, not everyone can always get the exact price, venue or date they want. Jones hopes that expanding beyond in-person events will lead to more winners.

    “If there are 100,000 people who want to go to one show and there are 37,000 seats, 70,000 people will be out,” he said. “You can’t fight it. But what we can do is start giving them opportunities to do things differently and really get involved.”

    Both Jones and Davari have hinted that their platforms have some exciting developments underway, but for now both Token and Tixr are embarking on creating their own space within the industry. increase.

    “We just want to develop this industry and make it more efficient and enjoyable for fans to buy,” Davari said. “that’s it.”

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