I Downloaded Roblox On My Meta Quest 2 And Ascended Into The Metaverse

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    As Roblox’s resident expert, I was immediately tasked with diving into the unknown and working on the next big thing. Roblox in VR. PCs have supported VR for years, but I don’t have a proper PC headset, so I didn’t even bother plugging in my Meta Quest 2 to see what all the fuss was about. There are so many other great titles you can play straight from your PC, so why bother jumping into a shooter or playing a god game when you can kill zombies in The Walking Dead?

    Roblox in VR – The Last Frontier?

    Screenshot by Prima Games

    It still seems odd that Roblox wasn’t released on other consoles before diving into virtual reality, but perhaps the Roblox team is trying to figure out if VR is still as lucrative as it once was. prize. After signing in using another device, he immediately tried to dive into one of his favorite experiences because virtual reality still wouldn’t let him create an account. My Hello Kitty Cafe. Yes this silly Sanrio simulator is one of my favorite games he is, but Tuxedo he just had to see if he could play Sam.

    I couldn’t do it and was devastated. Well, I thought, let’s see if we can dive into some of our other favorite experiences. There were countless experiences I couldn’t attend, but I finally found one that seemed interesting enough. nerf strike. I was transported into a very colorful room and immediately equipped with a Nerf rifle.

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    With a new sense of movement, I quickly zoomed through all available areas to look for other players while keeping an eye on myself. Seeing Nerf darts fly in my face sometimes triggered an instinctive reaction, making me crouch and get out of the way as I would in real life. It was surreal to see my huge, blocky arm holding some of this nerf tech, but it always felt great when tagging other players.

    It felt amazingly natural, and the full 360° range of motion made it seem like you were playing a PC player and a console player at the same time in virtual reality, which felt a bit cheating. I’m not a very competitive player, but I found myself getting unnecessarily excited when the unsuspecting poor sap did his VR 360 No Scope successfully.

    Not Halo, but close enough for me

    Screenshot by Prima Games

    After exhausting our welcome at Nerfstrike, we figured it was time to try something different. After scrolling through the admittedly small list of experiences you can play in VR, I noticed some familiar faces plastered on an experience called Energy Assault and knew I had to join in immediately.

    This is also an FPS experience on the platform, one that benefits most from increased range of motion. As with many of her Roblox experiences, there were no controls or instructions, so I spent the first few minutes drowning in her living room, all the while my wife was in the shadows. I was laughing. This is a great first experience.

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    After finally figuring out how to reload the rifle after blowing the clip off, you’re good to go. Energy Assault was much faster than Nerf Strike and was able to blast other players using various consoles and VR headsets. I was confused at first, but this felt like a step in the right direction.

    Is VR the way forward for Roblox?

    At this point, Roblox has quite a few experiences that support VR, but is this the best direction for the platform to go? is difficult. Since the MetaQuest 2 version is currently in beta, there are quite a few things that immediately felt strange.

    First, it becomes the locomotion of how to move. In many native VR games, characters move in the direction their head is facing, but in Roblox you have to use analog sticks to change direction. This feels a little unfair in certain games, especially his FPS titles, where you can keep looking straight back while still moving forward. Spin quickly enough and you’ll quickly catch someone in action as if you were using an 8,000 DPI mouse.

    Another issue is compatibility with existing titles. Of course, there are some fun games you can get into right now, but before you finally barf, and before you know how much Roblox can handle in VR, the chance to get into games like Blox Fruits and Pixel Piece is required. Especially for young players, you can imagine that jumping into the world of VR for the first time will require a lot of preparation before finally getting used to the space.

    The VR space still has a lot of room to grow, and if implemented properly, the PC version of the game could easily steal my focus. It can be pretty funny to dive into something like “Welcome to Blocksburg” and live your own life as if you’ve essentially become a Sim. But for now, his Roblox in VR, while a nice novelty to revisit from time to time, is by no means the definitive version of the platform we know and love. It has potential, but it will take a little longer to cook in the oven before everyone can enjoy it.

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