I tested this $40 security camera from Amazon and it now has a place in my home

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    • of blink mini 2 You can purchase it alone for $40 or bundled with a weatherproof power adapter for $50.
    • With a stronger construction, improved video quality, new spotlight, people detection, and weather resistance for outdoor use, Blink Mini 2 is a clear upgrade from the first generation.
    • As an Amazon device, Blink Mini 2 works with Alexa, but not with Google Home, Matter, or other smart home systems.

    If you're looking for an affordable security camera alternative to the Wyze Cam after the recent data breach, Blink might have the camera for you. The new Blink Mini 2 is finally available for purchase.

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    I've been testing the Blink Mini 2 for the past week, and I noticed some big changes compared to the original. blink mini, I had it for almost 2 years. Widely known as an affordable indoor camera (you can often buy two for $30 at Amazon sale events), the Blink Mini is a compact plug-in camera that can be placed anywhere inside or outside your home.

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    The older Blink Mini features two-way audio, 1080p video resolution, Amazon Alexa integration, and functions as a Blink video doorbell chime. The new Blink Mini 2 has all these features, plus weatherproof indoor and outdoor construction, people detection, and a spotlight.

    Weatherproofing is a feature that takes Blink to the next level, providing direct weather protection. wise cam v3 Competitor player. Wyze Cam maker Wyze Labs has recently been the target of user complaints following a privacy incident in which an outage allowed some users to temporarily view other users' live cameras and events. It becomes.

    Blink Mini 2 vs Wyze Cam v3

    Blink Mini 2 next to Wyze Cam v3.

    Maria Diaz/ZDNET

    After testing the Blink Mini 2, I spoke with Jonathan Cohn, Blink's head of product, to learn more about the new security camera. After listening to user feedback, Cohn added weatherproofing and a spotlight that acts as a light source for color night vision that illuminates dark areas when motion is detected to deter intruders. It was explained that it is equipped with a recording indicator.

    Also, a battery powered floodlight camera was exactly what I needed in my dark backyard.

    Although not as bright as outdoor lighting, spotlights are bright enough to illuminate people approaching and illuminate paths in the dark. Because of this, I considered setting up the Mini 2 next to the trash can at the side of my house, but decided against it because there was no power source nearby and the camera would need to be plugged in all the time. Mini 2 is perfect for placing in your garage or carport to light your driveway or keep an eye on your back door.

    blink mini 2

    Maria Diaz/ZDNET

    Similar to Blink Outdoor 4, Blink Mini 2 can ignore all other movements driven by Blink's silicon and notify you when a person is detected.

    “Blink manufactures its own chips and uses them in our cameras, which means we own the end-to-end experience and design of our cameras,” Cohn explained. Did. By using proprietary silicon and design, Blink can ensure privacy and security throughout the experience, from the time the light enters the lens to the recorded video clip, Kohn added.

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    Both the Blink Mini and Mini 2 feature 1080p HD resolution video recording, but the differences in the recorded clips are noticeable. Kohn said Blink significantly improves the Mini 2's video quality, expanding the field of view from 110 degrees to 143 degrees for greater coverage, increasing the sensor's low-light performance and improving dynamic range. I explained that I did it.

    blink mini 2

    Maria Diaz/ZDNET

    This means the Mini 2 can capture sharper, more detailed images under mixed lighting, even if there are very bright and dark areas within a single frame. Improved dynamic range allows you to see more detail in shadow and bright areas within a single video, making it easier to identify people and objects.

    ZDNET purchase advice

    At my house, blink mini 2 I ended up replacing the Wyze Cam v3 in my sunroom. This is a fairly humid room with direct access to the house, so a camera with a spotlight is better than one without. Once you switch, you can't go back.

    The Blink camera comes with a 30-day free trial of the Blink subscription plan. A monthly subscription gives users access to cloud storage and additional features such as people detection and up to 90 minutes of continuous live feed. You can avoid the subscription by purchasing a Blink Sync module and a USB flash drive to store your video clips. This is the solution I set up at my home.

    Since I rely on Amazon's Alexa in my house, I appreciate that the Blink Mini 2 connects to multiple Echo Shows more quickly than the Wyze camera and shows me what's going on in my sunroom. I am. Blink does not integrate with Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, or other smart home systems, so you should consider this if you use any of these systems in your smart home. .


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