iDenfy Joins Forces With Dialics to Enhance Security With Identity Verification

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    iDenfya global RegTech startup that provides identity verification, compliance and fraud prevention tools, has announced a partnership with. dialic, PPC tracking and real-time marketing analytics software. iDenfy’s full-stack identity verification solution helps speed up the sign-up and verification process for Dialics’ customers.

    Dialics partnered with iDenfy to simplify new customer onboarding while complying with strict regulations and maintaining top security measures to protect customers. To ensure compliance with these standards, Dialics sought an identity verification provider that handles the Know Your Customer (KYC) process without compromising security or user experience.

    Dialics carefully evaluated various vendors and ultimately chose iDenfy as their identity verification partner due to its user-friendly integration and advanced fraud detection capabilities. One of the key factors that set iDenfy apart was its hybrid approach that combines AI-powered software with a team of in-house experts to thoroughly review identity documents for complete accuracy.

    Since its founding in 2019, Dialics has been driven by a team of dedicated experts dedicated to improving the effectiveness of online marketing through call tracking capabilities. The platform provides a user-friendly experience to easily manage your online pay-per-call (PPC) marketing campaigns, while providing instant access to analytics data and the ability to handle international inbound calls.

    As Dialics and its customer base continued to grow, the company recognized the need for a more efficient onboarding process to help accelerate growth and reduce the workload of its in-house KYC specialists. With the entire Dialics platform built on a user-friendly interface, the company wanted to ensure that his identity verification process was just as easy and convenient.

    As a result, Dialics prioritized delivering a digital experience that could compete with the best available options while maintaining a robust anti-fraud program. After careful evaluation, Dialics determined that iDenfy provides both of these key elements, providing a convenient solution for its customers while ensuring data security.

    iDenfy utilizes AI-powered algorithms to verify the authenticity of uploaded identities and match them to customer onboarding selfies. This four-step process allows Dialics to onboard customers in minutes. By preventing fraudulent attempts to pass the verification process, iDenfy effectively eliminates the possibility of fraud. To maintain high accuracy, her KYC experts at iDenfy conduct real-time manual checks of each verification.

    “Dialics’ new partners offer convenient terms for all types of users, including businesses of all sizes, single affiliates and marketing agencies. To provide a flexible identity verification solution that enables safe and secure onboarding.” — iDenfy CEO Domantas Ciulde said:


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