ImBear officially Launched on its C⁺Space Platform

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    Hong Kong, China, November 8, 2023 (Globe Newswire) — On October 26, Metamont, the incubation platform of Hong Kong Monnet Tech (a subsidiary of Monnet sz.002123), announced its first environmentally-themed Metaverse 3 has been released. We launched the “ImBear” series of asset art products on the “C⁺Space” platform through an online launch in the platform’s Discord community. The physical “ImBear” is made using traditional craftsmanship and ceramic materials from Jingdezhen, the millennium porcelain capital of China, and combined with digital technology, it is available in three formats in blind box format. (physical, digital, virtual) integration. The artwork is officially available for sale on his CryptoSpace platform, limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide, and will not be divisible in future secondary transactions.

    In today’s world, where the Metaverse is widely recognized and art works are expressed three-dimensionally in the digital realm through the fusion of digital technology and art, we can hope for a spark of “art x Metaverse love.”

    As AI and Web3 trends sweep the global market, humanity is moving into a new ecosystem where natural human society merges with the digital virtual world. This change represents an evolution from the atomic world to the digital world, as the focus shifts from the physical world to the realm of consciousness. Virtual worlds rather emphasize spiritual uplift and experiences.

    “ImBear” stands for “Insomnia bear” and represents the potential of 3-asset art within the “C⁺Space” ecosystem. It combines physical storage and blockchain representation of the artwork of his three assets. Users can use VR within “C⁺Space” to enjoy digital twins of physical art and virtual art in an immersive way. You can also experience a new type of art collection and its charm by purchasing and trading 3 assets. This generates sustainable income through users’ propagating connections and fosters a virtuous cycle. “ImBear” Metaverse art advocates a vision of carbon neutrality, environmental protection, animal welfare, and building a better world by caring for the natural world and promoting the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature.

    “ImBear” Metaverse 3 Assets As a carrier of art, “C⁺Space” (short for CryptoSpace) is an ecosystem services platform for global art. It is based on the concept of three worlds and three assets and leverages innovative technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital twins and spatial computing developed by Metamont Ltd. “C⁺Space” is the new standard platform for metaverse art and metaverse art. Asset, 3-Asset Art Production, Transformation, and Circulation Ecosystem (casting a 3-Asset art work as one NFT that becomes one on-chain asset; the three formats are different forms of the same asset in different spaces) expression). This is the primary use case for XR terminals, combining blockchain with art verification.

    Metamont Ltd. sees the Metaverse as more than just a digital image of the physical world. It is not just a virtual reality realm, but a combination of the real world, digital world, and virtual reality world. It is a complex social form with its own economic system based on blockchain technology. In the Metaverse, data and assets are owned by users, not by the platform.

    In particular, “C⁺Space” adopts physical art storage mechanism and market price protection system as the first new standard platform for metaverse art and assets. This allows us to properly realize the value of ImBear’s 3 asset art while maintaining strong liquidity. Additionally, “C⁺Space” features open co-creation and trade, digitization and uniqueness of artwork, virtual exhibitions and interactive experiences, and community participation and governance.

    Currently, C⁺Space is not accessible to users in mainland China, but it has built a community on social platforms such as Twitter, Discord, and YouTube. In the Discord community he has 14,600 members and on Twitter he has 25,000 followers. Known for its rapid growth around the world due to its games and his Web3, Discord has become one of the fastest growing products in the world and serves as a place for many important communities to meet online. Masu. In a sense, Discord is a gateway to the Metaverse.

    “C⁺Space” therefore provides a broader creative and participatory space for artists and audiences in the Metaverse art community. Enabling collaborative creation and secure transactions of Metaverse art using blockchain technology breaks the constraints of traditional art in terms of time and space, creating entirely new art experiences and interactions for both artists and users. Offers. “C⁺Space” aims to transcend the limitations of time and space, reflect humanity’s common values ​​and aspirations, and redefine art using metaverse technology.

    The transition to the Metaverse era is a continuous exploration and development of a new era. As an infrastructure provider for the Metaverse art ecosystem, “C⁺Space” will continue to focus on the Metaverse network, XR, assetization, security technology, and community building. In the future, Metamont Ltd. will continue to explore new technologies in the Web3 area and deepen the concept of “Culture + Technology + Integrated Innovation”. Acting as a bridge between artists and users, it brings more Metaverse His art by great artists to users, and allows users to own their own His 3 asset art in “C⁺Space”.



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