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    BlockAPT and Unyted are pleased to announce a strategic partnership aimed at delivering pioneering and secure IT solutions customized for the Metaverse.

    London, UK, September 29, 2023 / — Industry Leaders Blockapt, Unity Join Forces to Revolutionize Metaverse Quantum Security

    BlockAPT, a leader in quantum-secure IT solutions, and Unyted, an innovative virtual world creator and developer of the Metaverse platform, have joined forces to provide pioneering and secure IT solutions customized for the Metaverse. We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership.

    BlockAPT and Unyted will combine their respective expertise to create a cutting-edge quantum secure IT solution uniquely designed to protect users and businesses from emerging digital threats, including those arising from advances in quantum computing and introduce.

    BlockAPT’s acclaimed centralized management platform provides a quantum-secure communication channel powered by an integrated and customizable dashboard that provides advanced real-time analytics across the IT ecosystem. Additionally, the BlockAPT platform supports and simplifies compliance and governance processes through a single interface. .

    Complementing this advanced technology, Unyted boasts a diverse virtual landscape that enables users to connect, collaborate, and embark on endless adventures while ensuring full compliance with GDPR, TFR, and MiCA. .

    This powerful partnership between BlockAPT, known for its quantum security, and Unyted, which is revolutionizing virtual worlds and metaverse development, brings together both expertise and innovation to drive transformative change and shape the future of the metaverse together. represents.

    “The Metaverse represents a rapidly growing frontier that has the potential to revolutionize the way we live, work, and interact,” said Zafar Karim, CEO and co-founder of BlockAPT. says. “Our collaboration with Unyted is a source of great excitement as we are able to deploy pioneering and secure IT solutions that will enable businesses and users to take advantage of the limitless opportunities presented by the Metaverse.”

    Florian Krueger, CEO and co-founder of Unyted, said: BlockAPT’s cutting-edge solutions strengthen our ability to protect users and businesses from the latest threats, ensuring the Metaverse remains a safe haven for everyone. ”

    About BlockAPT
    Founded in 2019, BlockAPT’s mission is to harness the potential of quantum computing for the greater good. The company’s platform serves as the central link for quantum security management across the digital ecosystem.

    BlockAPT’s customers and partnerships span the globe, including the UK, US and Japan.

    For more information about BlockAPT, please see below.

    About United
    Unyted is a virtual world creator and metaverse platform builder that unites individuals, businesses, and creative visions within an immersive digital universe. Unyted offers a variety of virtual experiences that allow users to connect, collaborate, and explore endless horizons.
    For more information about United, please see below.

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