Industry Panel at AES Conference Discusses the Realities of Augmented Reality

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    XR practitioners at Delta Air Lines, Dow, Boeing, Turner Construction Company, and Cisco stress the importance of return on investment when investing in emerging technologies, while AR and VR projects are stuck in “pilot purgatory.” We are sharing the lesson that Speakers cited RealWear’s assisted reality smart glasses as a shining example of technology done to solve real-world operational challenges without breaking the bank.

    (AES) – As the world stands in awe of the novelty of AR, VR, and now Mixed Reality, a new competitor is emerging from the shadows. It’s Assisted Reality, a non-immersive XR solution built for large-scale enterprise deployments.

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    At the Augmented Enterprise Summit, assisted reality, not augmented reality, is in the spotlight. (Figure: Business Wire)

    “The appeal of AR and VR is that it definitely gets clicked and shared,” said Dr. Chris Parkinson, CEO and co-founder of RealWear. -A dashboard of time, not an industrial metaverse. ”

    Dr. Parkinson moderated a high energy panel last week and discussed the ‘State of XR’ with several people. giant of the industry. Dr. Parkinson’s startup, RealWear, makes a type of smart glasses with a small screen that looks like a 10-inch tablet and is made durable for industrial or medical use for workflows and video calls. I am. This hardware boasts long battery life and frees up the hands of frontline workers by allowing them to control their headsets with voice.

    The panel represented industries such as aerospace/aviation (Boeing and Delta), construction (Turner Construction), food and logistics (Cisco), and chemical/energy (Dow).

    Speakers were united in their positive outlook on assisted reality, while sharing challenges around AR, VR, and mixed reality.

    “We’re excited to see Cisco’s 334 logistics facilities serving approximately 725,000 customer locations worldwide,” said Jeff Landowski, director of technology strategy at Cisco. (clip)

    Boeing has spoken extensively about the issue of not buying technology for technology’s sake. He said, “None of the people who bought drills wanted to drill. They needed holes.” Brian Laughlin, Technical Fellow/Systems Engineer, Digital Transformation/New Aircraft Program, Research Technology, Boeing Company, the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space, and security systems. (clip)

    Introduced by Dr. Parkinson RealWear’s newest product, the RealWear Navigator Z1, is inherently safe for potentially explosive environments and designed for the world of AI for frontline workers. He went on to say that he believes the future of wearables is AI. “The Realwear Navigator Z1 features our first set of AI-enabled hardware. It is equipped with a proprietary neural network processor that allows you to run AI algorithms directly on the device.” he said.

    Dr. Parkinson also demonstrated the need to create products that are made for the right environment, arguing: intentionally drop Place your device on the stage.

    “We’re not just about hardware, we’re a solutions company,” Dr. Parkinson concluded. “We’re collaborating with all our other software partners, bundling our solutions and shipping them around the world so that companies can actually deploy them and not end up in pilot purgatory. will disappear.” (clip)

    AES organizers agreed with key points from the panel.

    “We tried to put together a panel that represented a cross-section of what was happening in the real world with augmented reality,” said Emily Friedman, one of the founders of BrainXchange, which organized the AES conference. Masu. “Industry leaders have made it clear that supporting reality is a critical focus to generate immediate ROI and gain real-world use cases and adoption.”

    Augmented Enterprise Summit (AES) is the only event completely dedicated to business and industrial applications of augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, and related emerging metaverse technologies.

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