Infinite Reality (iR) Releases New Series of Videos on CNN to “Redefine Reality” and Introduce the Metaverse

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    Norwalk, CT, December 19, 2023–(business wire)–Infinite Reality Co., Ltd. (iR), a global leader in powering AI virtual immersive experiences, is proud to announce the release of three groundbreaking videos in collaboration with CNN, a leader in cable and online news. A new video series titled “redefine reality: How the Metaverse is Breaking New Frontiers in Sports, Entertainment, and Retail” is available to watch now. Produced by iR/CNN, the News His short showcases how iR His and its clients deliver innovative experiences to viewers, fans and consumers. Metaverse.

    Immersive iR sports events bring fans into the action, explains David the video linked here), president of the International Cycling Union, professional cyclist and Olympic gold medalist Kelsey Mitchell.

    In another video (linked here), David Palmer, Chief Product Officer, Vodafone DAB, discusses how AI virtual metaverse experiences powered by Infinite Reality are transforming the way consumers shop and interact with brands like never before. It explains what is being done.

    Third video (linked here), Francois Ribeiro, CEO of iR Europe, Middle East and North Africa, shares how virtual reality's “deep, interactive and social” experiences have impacted him personally and professionally. It's clear.

    “We're excited to work with CNN to introduce the compelling synergy of AI-powered immersive experiences to today's brands,” said John Akunto, CEO of Infinite Reality. “Through these videos, we reveal the innovative features of Infinite Reality products, giving brands an unprecedented means to connect and engage with their audiences in ways never before imagined.”

    Video is available below CNN and CNN International It will then be promoted through broadcast, digital and social media channels.

    about infinite reality

    Infinite Reality (“iR”) is an innovative technology and entertainment company focused on developing cutting-edge AI virtual immersive experiences. iR's immersive experiences give brands and creators complete control over how they distribute their content, engage with audiences, and commercialize their work, while giving them ownership of their data.

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