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    Infinium Global Research, a leading market research company, has published an extensive report on the Metaverse market offering detailed analysis of segments and sub-segments at both global and regional scale. The report meticulously assesses the impact of drivers, restraints, and macro indicators on the Metaverse market and provides a comprehensive overview of trends, forecasts, and amounts. The global Metaverse market is poised to achieve a staggering compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 43% over the forecast period 2022-2028.

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    Metaverse revolution: 3D global virtual realm

    The Metaverse market, valued at approximately USD 47 billion in 2022, is expected to exceed USD 420 billion by 2028. The Metaverse, defined as a network of three-dimensional (3D) virtual environments focused on social interaction and communication, comes to life. Through the use of virtual reality and augmented reality headgear. It presents a possible interpretation of the Internet, akin to a single global virtual terrain in the realm of wisdom fabrication and futuristic literature. In particular, developments in Metaverse technology are expected to drive growth in this sector, with the COVID-19 pandemic increasing demand for telecommuting and remote work tools, further driving the global Metaverse economy. Additionally, the rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies and the popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are positively impacting the expansion of the Metaverse market.

    Drivers and Growth Facilitators

    Increasing adoption of virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality technologies in the global entertainment, gaming, and media industry is the primary driver of market growth. Key factors contributing to this adoption include the use of high-tech gadgets such as HUDs, smart helmets, smart glasses, HMDs, MR headsets, and VR headsets. Rising disposable income in emerging countries is expected to provide realistic 6-degree virtual scenarios and enhanced user interfaces, enhancing gaming experience and further driving market growth. Technological advancements in the gaming industry are also contributing to the market expansion. However, the ever-present threat of cyber-attacks remains a potential factor hindering market growth.

    Regional advantages and emerging markets

    The Metaverse market is segmented into North America, Europe, and Rest of the World, which is further segmented into countries. North America is expected to hold the highest market share due to heavy platform investments by industry giants such as Meta, Roblox Corporation, and NVIDIA Corporation. Europe is expected to exhibit the highest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period, driven by the growing audience of social media platforms and the gaming industry. Expansion of online gaming business in major European countries such as France, Italy, UK, and Germany is a key factor driving the growth of the European Metaverse market.

    Major market segments

    This report covers components (hardware, software, services), technologies (blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, mixed reality, etc.), applications (games, online shopping, content creation, social media, events, conferences, digital marketing, etc.) ), and industry sectors (BFSI, Retail Media & Entertainment, Education, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, etc.).

    Industry leading company

    Profiles of key players in the Metaverse market are included in the report and include Meta, Tencent Holdings Ltd., Nvidia, Epic Games, Inc., Roblox Corporation, Nextech AR Solutions Inc., Pixowl, Inc., Decentraland, Antier Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is featured. Ltd., et al.

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    table of contents

    Chapter 1 Preface

    1.1. Report description

    1.2. Research method

    1.3. Research approach

    Chapter 2 Executive Summary

    2.1. Metaverse Market Highlights

    2.2. Metaverse Market Forecast

    2.3. Metaverse Market Regional Highlights

    Chapter 3 Overview of the global metaverse market

    3.1. Introduction

    3.2. Market trends

    3.2.1. Driver

    3.2.2. Restraints

    3.2.3. Opportunity

    3.3. Analysis of the impact of the new coronavirus infection on the Metaverse market

    3.4. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

    3.5. IGR-Growth Matrix Analysis

    3.5.1. IGR-component wise growth matrix analysis

    3.5.2. IGR-Technology Growth Matrix Analysis

    3.5.3. IGR-Growth Matrix Analysis by Application

    3.5.4. IGR-Industry Growth Matrix Analysis

    3.5.5. IGR growth matrix analysis by region

    3.6. Metaverse market value chain analysis

    Chapter 4 Macro indicator analysis of the Metaverse market

    Chapter 5 Global Metaverse Market by Component

    5.1. Hardware

    5.2. Software

    5.3. Service

    Chapter 6 Global Metaverse Market by Technology

    6.1. Blockchain

    6.2. Virtual reality and augmented reality

    6.3. Mixed reality

    6.4. Others

    Chapter 7 Global Metaverse Market by Application

    7.1. Games

    7.2. Online shopping

    7.3. Content Creation and Social Media

    7.4. Events and Conferences marketing

    Chapter 8 Global Metaverse Market by Industry


    8.2. Retail Media and Entertainment

    8.3. Education

    8.4. Aerospace and Defense

    8.6. Others

    Chapter 9 Global Metaverse Market by Region 2022-2028

    9.1. North America

    9.1.1. North American Metaverse Market by Component

    9.1.2. North American Metaverse Market by Technology

    9.1.3. North American Metaverse Market by Application

    9.1.4. North American Metaverse Market by Industry

    9.1.5. North American Metaverse Market by Country

    9.2. Europe

    9.2.1. Europe Metaverse Market by Component

    9.2.2. Europe Metaverse Market by Technology

    9.2.3. European Metaverse Market by Application

    9.2.4. European Metaverse Market by Industry

    9.2.5. European Metaverse Market by Country

    9.3. Asia Pacific Region

    9.3.1. Asia-Pacific Metaverse Market by Component

    9.3.2. Asia-Pacific Metaverse Market by Technology

    9.3.3. Asia-Pacific Metaverse Market by Application

    9.3.4. Asia-Pacific Metaverse Market by Industry

    9.3.5. Asia-Pacific Metaverse Market by Country

    9.4. Row

    9.4.1. RoW Metaverse Market by Component

    9.4.2. RoW Metaverse Market by Technology

    9.4.3. RoW Metaverse Market by Application

    9.4.4. RoW Metaverse Market by Industry

    9.4.5. RoW Metaverse Market by Sub-Regions

    Chapter 10 Company Profile and Competitive Environment

    10.1. Competitive environment in the global Metaverse market

    10.2. Company profile

    10.2.1. Meta Platforms Co., Ltd.

    10.2.2. Tencent Holdings Co., Ltd.

    10.2.3. NVIDIA Corporation

    10.2.4. Epic Games Inc.

    10.2.5. Roblox Co., Ltd.

    10.2.6. NEXTEC AR Solutions Co., Ltd.

    10.2.7. Pix Owl Co., Ltd.

    10.2.8. Decentraland

    10.2.9.Anti-Ar Solutions Co., Ltd.


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    => Complete coverage of all product types and application segments, analyzing market size trends, developments, and forecasts till 2028.

    => Comprehensive analysis of companies operating in this market. Company overview includes analysis of product portfolio, revenue, SWOT analysis, and latest trends of the company.

    => Infinium Global Research – Growth Matrix presents an analysis of product segments and regions on which market players should focus to invest, consolidate, expand, and/or diversify.

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