Infosys partners with Tennis Australia to boost digital learning for NSW students

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    Infosys partners with Tennis Australia, Tennis Victoria and Tennis NSW to develop the digital learning and leadership capabilities of future leaders, particularly in Year 9, 10 and 11 students in New South Wales (NSW) The program launched in Victoria was a success.

    This is part of Infosys' Australian Open Digital Innovation Partnership to serve the community. The 'Tennis for Everyone' ethos runs deep in this partnership, which has been extended until 2026 and is focused on creating digital experiences for everyone involved in the sport.

    The Future Leaders program is designed to empower students from metropolitan and regional tennis clubs in both Victoria and New South Wales to develop their leadership potential. To ensure the success of the program, Infosys custom-built a version of its digital learning and collaboration platform, Infosys Springboard, for the community. The platform allows participants to learn transferable skills in areas such as inclusion, leadership, technology, and design thinking.

    The Future Leaders Program was successfully launched in Victoria in April 2023, with the first group of students graduating through the use of Infosys' Springboard digital learning platform. The Victorian program includes a three-day Future Leaders Camp, including a day at Infosys' state-of-the-art Melbourne Living Lab, where students participate in digital experiences and learn about the Metaverse, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. , and how these technologies are utilized. We're changing the dynamics of tennis, our community, and the world.

    Additionally, students were able to experience Future Leaders Day at the 2023 Australian Open. This included a tennis clinic with Australian tennis legend Casey Dellacqua and an understanding of sustainability at Infosys' Carbon Neutral Fan Zone.

    Ashok Mysore, Vice President and Regional Head of Delivery and Operations for Australia and New Zealand at Infosys, highlighted the expansion of the digital innovation partnership with Tennis Australia. This collaboration extends beyond the tennis court to the broader community. Mr. Mysore highlighted the importance of this partnership by showcasing a customized version of Infosys Springboard and the use of Living Labs.

    These initiatives aim to provide individuals in Victoria and New South Wales with valuable access to digital and leadership skills and foster the development of emerging leaders in the region.

    Ashok Mysore said: “This collaboration with Tennis Australia takes our digital innovation partnership at the Australian Open beyond the court to the broader community.A bespoke version of Infosys Springboard and our Living Lab “Through this, emerging leaders in Victoria and New South Wales will have access to important information.” Digital skills and leadership skills. ”

    Tennis Australia Chief Commercial Officer Cedric Cornelis said he was excited to see Infosys' innovation positively impacting the grassroots tennis community in Victoria and New South Wales. He believes the Springboard platform provides young people with a platform to learn valuable and transferable skills to become future leaders.

    Tennis Victoria CEO Adam Crameri and Tennis NSW CEO Darren Simpson echoed this sentiment, expressing their delight at this unique partnership and inspiring the next generation of tennis leaders. He highlighted how the Future Leaders Program is designed to help


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