Inside metaverse matchmaking where you can go on dates in ancient Rome and find a soulmate in a distant galaxy

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    METAVERSE matchmaking is a world apart from traditional dating apps like Tinder.

    But virtual reality spaces can actually solve some of the problems people have with dating apps, dating expert Haley Quinn told The Sun.


    The third issue, perhaps the most obvious, is the most important:

    A new survey by broadband provider Zen Internet revealed last week that nearly a third of people prefer to meet their partners online.

    So it’s only a matter of time before the biggest players in the online dating space – Tinder, Hinge, Bumble and Plenty of Fish – are integrated into the Metaverse.

    The first problem it solves? Lack of human relationships.

    “Dating apps are already moving towards providing a more human experience,” explains Quinn.

    Apps are beginning to introduce features like voice memos and video calls, which “enhance the degree of interaction beyond just messaging and swiping someone”.

    These are key factors that help determine if someone is a good candidate for them, Quinn said, adding that the Metaverse offers even more depth to previously surface-level ways to find love. added.

    The Metaverse “can provide the missing human touch to your app, whether it’s body language, tone of voice, or the missing element of what people are saying,” she says.

    Problem 2 is repeating dates. No one wants him to go on two dates at the same restaurant.

    please do not worry. The Metaverse still has dinner dates.

    But imagine going out for a drink and going to ancient Rome, says Quinn.

    “Metaverse dates are highly reproducible of real-life dates. You can go on a coffee date at your local coffee shop,” she continues.

    “But they’re also otherworldly, walking in another galaxy or in spaceships.

    “If you can imagine going to an otherworldly place, it’s a totally immersive dating experience… [your date] It can be a photorealistic avatar, or an avatar designed to reflect certain aspects of your personality. “

    The Metaverse’s gamification also means that people can complete quests together while still finding their perfect match.

    The third issue, perhaps the most obvious, is the most important: security.

    The Metaverse gives people the opportunity not to put their bodies at risk, whether it turns out that the date isn’t who they say they are, or they simply feel sick.

    It also helps those who are more socially anxious about the whole experience.

    “Naturally, people dread the process of meeting people in real life … especially in 2023, perhaps more than in the past, we should pay more attention to people’s personal boundaries,” says Quinn. .

    “The Metaverse will allow you to practice your real-life dating skills and get real-time feedback on what it’s like to spend time with someone, while making it accessible to a much wider range of people. “

    However, the metaverse is not without its problems.

    Finding a soulmate in the Metaverse can be difficult if there aren’t enough people on the platform.

    Similarly, users who find love in faraway parts of the world can often lead to long-distance relationships.

    And as technologies like ChatGPT and VoiceGPT become more prevalent, we expect “deepfakes” to become a serious problem on platforms.

    The thing is. Deepfakes (videos or images of people digitally processed to look like other people) are already a problem in online dating apps.

    In a wild Dolly Parton lookalike competition with her biggest fan
    Wendy Williams has revealed she wants to be The View in a bizarre new video.

    Apps are often not released to the public as complete systems. Businesses are constantly updating their systems to keep consumers happy and safe.

    Quinn says this is exactly what happens in the Metaverse.

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