Interactive and Animated AI to Top ChatGPT

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    According to AI pioneer Mustafa Suleiman, the current wave of generative AI tools like ChatGPT will soon be overtaken by “conversational artificial intelligence.”

    Mustafa Suleiman, co-founder of DeepMind and founder of Inflection, hinted that the next big thing in generative AI will be interactive AI, which can do much more than generative AI chatbots. . Interactive AI bots have the ability to communicate with other software to perform tasks.

    Gen-AI is still just a step

    In a recent conversation, MIT Technology Review Will Douglas and Suleiman said generative AI is just a step that will soon lead to something better.

    We talked about the waves of AI, from the current wave, generative AI, to the next wave, interactive AI.

    “The third wave will be the interactive phase. That’s why I’ve long bet that conversations will be the interface of the future,” he said.

    “You’re not just clicking a button and typing, you’re interacting with an AI,” he added.

    In the next wave, “the AI ​​will be able to act. You just give it a general high-level goal and it will use all the tools it needs to do it. It will talk to other people and “We’ll be talking to AI from around the world,” he said, adding that this would be a major change in what the technology can accomplish.

    Technology may be static today, but Suleiman says the world may be witnessing a “very significant moment” in the history of technology that many may underestimate. He hinted that there wasn’t.

    Suleiman has already founded a new $1 billion company, Inflection, which includes talent from OpenAI, Meta, DeepMind, and more.

    The $1.5 billion investment in Inflection, which is also backed by tech giant Nvidia, aims to develop the next best chatbot powered by interactive AI, which Suleiman believes is the future of AI chatbots.

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    A chatbot that’s not that painful

    He and his team have already released their own ChatGPT-like chatbot. Pithey say is more polite compared to other popular AI chatbots currently available.

    Suleiman says the Pi chatbot is not affected by jailbreak attacks and urges users to try it for themselves, and his team has confirmed that their chatbot is not as “spicy” as competitors’ versions. He pointed out that he is working hard to do so.

    While discussing the issue of interactive AI, which has some degree of freedom, the issue of boundaries remains important, and Suleiman highlighted how the regulation of AI is being handled not only at the micro level but also at the international level.

    He also talked about how people assume the worst but still believe: AI regulation There’s a good chance. The technology guru joined his Google to lead a team working on AI policy. This was after he left his DeepMind.

    “I think everyone is in a complete panic that we won’t be able to regulate this. That’s nonsense. We’ll be able to fully regulate it,” he said.

    AI regulation is a hot topic around the world, with stakeholders debating how best to regulate the field in a way that fosters innovation while not harming society.


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