Interpol Issues Warning Against Metaverse Crimes: Challenges and Threats |

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    interpol emphasized assignment and threat Caused by meta crimes in the growing world of the Metaverse. The report focuses on issues such as: groomingradicalization, cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, theft of virtual assets, crimes against avatars.
    INTERPOL highlights the challenges faced by law enforcement due to lack of standardization, interoperability, and the multi-jurisdictional nature of the virtual world. Criminal investigations in the Metaverse become even more complex because the virtual environment can be accessed through a variety of devices and systems.
    One of the major challenges identified in the report is the lack of physical evidence at virtual crime scenes. Investigators often deal with digital interactions involving virtual assets such as cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which can easily disappear or be altered.
    Despite these challenges, the report acknowledges opportunities for law enforcement in the metaverse, including advanced simulations, virtual crime scene preservation, and immersive training.
    Interpol Secretary-General Jürgen Stock has emphasized that the rise of technologies such as the Metaverse has increased the complexity and transnational nature of the criminal landscape. He expresses concern about the world's readiness to tackle criminal activity facilitated by the Metaverse and artificial intelligence.
    This report highlights the importance of first responders, digital forensics professionals, and the justice system understanding metaverse technology to ensure the safety and security of virtual environments and protect the rights of individuals. Masu.
    Interpol advocates a holistic approach that includes multi-stakeholder engagement and cross-border cooperation to effectively combat metacrime. The organization aims to help member states understand the challenges and opportunities presented by new technologies, and to provide law enforcement with the necessary tools and training.


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