Introducing Digital Real Estate in the Metaverse

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    Study: 42% of parents do not teach their children long-term investments

    stock price-performance-recession

    Stock performance in every recession since 1980

    pride pin

    State of LGBTQ Finance: A Survey of 2,000 Americans


    ESG, SRI and impact investing: overview, how to get started, fund performance

    family streaming

    Looking at Netflix revenue under a microscope, 55% of Americans believe there are too many options for streaming

    average net worth

    Average Net Worth of Americans by Age, Education, and Race

    financially insecure investors

    Study: Men are four times more likely to have secret crypto accounts than women

    Role model for diverse investors

    Research: The Importance of Role Models for Diverse Investments


    Are alternative investments the best inflation hedges? Read the data here

    Senior couple walking with their pet golden retriever

    The Best States for Retirement, Based on What People Really Want

    need help sign

    Are you thinking of changing jobs?

    Millionaire, cryptocurrency investor

    Tim Cook Owns Cryptocurrencies — So Do 68% of America’s Billionaires

    american stocks

    How many Americans own stock? About 158 ​​million — but the richest 1% own more than half

    career change

    This is why 20% of Americans have changed jobs since the pandemic began

    job automation

    What jobs will be automated in the next decade?

    inheritance tax

    Inheritance tax by state for 2023


    Kevin O’Leary Worries About Leaving a Large Fortune — Like Two-Thirds of Wealthy People

    alternative investment

    Alternative Investments for the Ultra High Net Worth in 2022

    Covid-19 philanthropic activities of the wealthy

    HNWIs will donate $5.8 billion to COVID-19 charities in 2020

    investment, virtual currency, fraud, fraud

    Study: Cryptocurrency and investment fraud to surge in 2021 and 2022


    Study: What Gen Z and Millennial Investors Think About Risk

    retirement savings

    What is the average retirement savings in the US?

    young investor

    Study: What Will Gen Z and Millennial Investors Buy in 2022?

    A person looks at a phone and documents at a desk.

    Generation Z and Millennial Investors: Ranking the Most Used and Trusted Investing Tools

    capital gains tax rate

    How much is capital gains tax? Everything you need to know

    Market Volatility - 2020

    Poll: How did investors cope with market volatility in 2020?

    marijuana tax

    Marijuana Tax Revenue: Breakdown by State


    Poll: How well did meme stock investors understand what was going on?

    bank bank atm money

    Women and Investing: What You Need to Know


    Research: Do landlords really know what their renters want?

    commercial skyscraper

    2023 commercial real estate investment statistics

    real estate fraud

    Trends in real estate investment scams and scams

    flip the house

    House Reversal Statistics Investors Need to Know in 2023

    diversity real estate

    Research: How diverse is the real estate investment community?

    REIT stocks

    REITs and Stocks: Everything You Need to Know

    Property tax calculation

    State Property Tax Rates

    investment knowledge

    Study: Most Americans understand the basics of investing, but struggle with some specifics

    People playing chess and thinking about their next move.

    Are stock splits good?Click here for data

    Two people carefully review documents at the dining table.

    Study: Cost-of-living adjustments aren’t enough for retirees

    An elderly couple looking through documents together.

    Senior Fraud and Financial Abuse Statistics for 2022

    Rows of solar panels.

    Which state produces the most renewable energy?

    Two people smiling while gardening.

    This is the median income of American retirees

    Woman walking in front of solar panels in a field

    Survey: Investors are embracing renewables but not ready to give up fossil fuels

    Parents holding a toddler while charging an electric car

    Consumer and Industry Outlook for Electric Vehicles

    An adult is carrying a child on his back, and both are smiling.

    Study: First Generation America Faces Unique Economic Obstacles

    A woman sitting at her desk looking at stock charts on her computer.

    Largest companies by market capitalization in 2023

    A person sitting at a desk and using a calculator to create documents.

    Average Retirement Age in the United States

    AI head with dollar sign.

    Survey: Americans Skeptical of ChatGPT Stock Recommendations

    A piggy bank next to a jar with money labeled student loan debt.

    Student Loan Debt Statistics for 2023

    A row of electric cars being charged.

    Biggest EV Company in 2023

    A person sitting at a desk and using a calculator to create documents.

    Largest target date fund

    A Tesla car at a charging station.

    Here are the number of Tesla Superchargers in all 50 states

    sports betting board.

    Largest sports betting company

    Men celebrating at a sports bar

    Sports Betting Tax Revenue by State

    Renewable Energy Sources Windmills and Solar Panels

    fastest growing energy source


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