Introducing ‘Wilderness P2E,’ A Virtual World of Wizards, Magic, and Fantasy within Decentraland

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    Wilderness P2E is one of Decentraland DAO’s latest funded projects and an MMORPG. The game was first launched on December 21, 2021 by engineering graduates Neha Singh and Ryan Pal (now his CEO and CTO). They share a passion for art, design and games. The play-to-earn game first got him subsidized by the Decentraland DAO last November when the first proposal was accepted by 92% of his voters. After gaining popularity rapidly in Decentraland, Wilderness P2E A proposal intended to illustrate expanding the team and accelerating project progress, as well as ensuring the sustainability of the game over the long term, applied for another larger grant and was approved with a 99% yes vote. rice field.

    A play-and-earn RPG set in a world of fantasy and mystery, players become wizards and interact with each other through the game’s immersive Magic Combat experience. The user navigates the game using spells and various magical paraphernalia, and in PvP mode he can explore the mysterious universe and its mythical creatures while he fights against NPCs and other players.

    credit: Wilderness 2pe

    game economy

    Wilderness P2E Launched as an MMORPG that provides an enjoyable gameplay experience while also allowing and encouraging users to earn rewards within the platform. Being a free-to-play game, Wilderness P2E We have built a thriving economy for gamers by returning the value generated by games to our users. When a user wins another gamer or her NPC, they receive a crypto token (coin or his NFT) which can be sold.With this important incentive, users will again Wilderness P2E: Earn something by playing the game.

    March 31, Wilderness P2E Launched $WLDY, a native token that serves as the main in-game currency. By launching $WLDY on the Polygon blockchain, the buying and selling process has been streamlined, making it more dynamic and profitable. In-game, there are various possibilities for players to earn tokens. At its most basic, he can play against NPCs and work his way through daily tasks until he completes them.

    However, the team behind Wilderness P2E Its mission is not just to create positive and popular gaming experiences.As they explain in their company description white paperwants to foster digital links between its members. wilderness Engage the ecosystem by ensuring ample opportunities to connect and socialize through marketplace transactions, team dynamics in games, social events and parties, town hall meetings, and active participation in social media. Build.

    moreover, Wilderness P2E The founder claims that creating a world of fair rewards is the biggest motivation in the face of “an era where large companies extract huge profits” at the expense of “users’ time spent in the ecosystem”. doing.They believe this business model is in danger, on the verge of collapse – and they believe Wilderness P2E “It will play a key role in creating a new ecosystem where value is fairly distributed among all participants.”

    last June, Wilderness P2E Acquired a new LAND in Decentraland and moved to a large modern building. This new space features a magical lake with a rocky landscape. After settling into the new environment, their main goal was to develop a more robust gameplay his mechanics that would give players an improved Play-to-Earn experience. It was also intended to welcome new players into her active Web3 community, where gamers support and “enhance each other while elevating each other.” This fantasy-themed he lives in an NFT game,” his CTO Neha Singh explained in an interview.

    Last August, in hopes of fostering a vibrant and vibrant community, Wilderness P2E This is a weekly parkour tournament aimed at introducing the game to a wider audience and giving the existing player base access to an all-new in-game skill: Agility. In line with the game’s horizontal and accessible mission statement, tournaments are open to everyone.

    what’s next?

    Pal and Singh hope to improve the onboarding experience for new users in the near future. They plan to introduce a self-explanatory walkthrough as a mini-quest to introduce Muggles into the magical world.

    In addition to weekly gameplay updates, Wilderness P2E We will also have a fantasy party. “Wild Nights” are held every Friday at 10:00 PM UTC, where wizards from across the Metaverse enjoy this gathering and dance in the open air.

    the team behind Wilderness P2E We want to keep you informed of the progress of their process! Find them at coordinates -25, 90 and track them down twitter!

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