IPX and Chiru Labs announce strategic partnership for innovative IP business collaborations that transcends the boundaries of online and offline while expanding to Web 3 USA – English APAC – English

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    • IPX partners with Web 3 technology company Azuki and Chiru Labs, creators of the BEANZ NFT collection.
    • Starting with the development of the retail business of Chiruken’s NFT IP “Beans,” the synergistic effect of IPX’s character IP know-how and Chiruken’s NFT intellectual property power is expected to attract a great deal of attention within the industry. Azuki suggests, line friendsWADE, OOZ & mates, and expanded collaboration based on Web 3 expertise
    • With this partnership, IPX sees new horizons, extending its IP business expertise and influence beyond the offline to encompass the Web 3 and digital cutting edge worlds.

    Seoul, South Korea, April 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Digital IP Platform Company, IPX (formerly line friends) has entered into a strategic partnership with Chiru Labs, a Web 3 technology company known for owning the NFT collections “Azuki” and “BENZ”. With this partnership, IPX aims to expand into his NFT-related IP business at Chiru Labs and showcase various IP collaborations based on Web 3.

    Chiru Labs is a Web 3 technology company creating a decentralized anime brand at the intersection of art, technology and culture. The company achieved the second-highest ever second-highest secondary trading volume for his NFT collection above the US dollar. billion dollars Azuki from the Open Anime Universe collection in 2022. January 2022Chiru Labs Launches BEAZ Collection March 2022In the world of Azuki, which takes place in a fictional world called the Garden, Beans are cute characters with different personalities. In addition to its success with Azuki, Chiru Labs has pioneered new Web 3 innovations such as his PBT (Physical Backed Token), an open-source token standard that connects physical items to digital tokens.

    Through this partnership, IPX plans to leverage its creative capabilities and IP business expertise to expand its global IP presence by developing products and licenses for Chiru Labs’ NFT IP BENZ. In addition, IPX aims to showcase collaborations based on Web 3 through mashups between digital IPs, including IPX collaborations. line friends We will provide character IP and BENZ from Chiru Labs to various IP-related partnerships from both companies, including Azuki, WADE, OOZ & mates. This will strengthen the company’s expertise and domain in the business centered on digital IP, and is expected to create a unique IP business model that transcends the boundaries between online and offline.

    “We are pleased to announce a new partnership between IPX and Chiru Labs, both pioneers of innovative business practices in the areas of character IP and Web3 technology respectively.“, Said Logan ChoHead of IPX’s Metaverse business, “Based on our successful partnership with global blockchain company CRIPCO last year, we plan to complement Chiru Labs’ IP with a multifaceted character IP business strategy. In addition, we will expand our IP business to include Web 3 and provide cooperation opportunities for both NFT owners and character IP enthusiasts.”

    “We are delighted to be working with IPX, a global leader in building innovative character IP brands loved by millions of fans around the world, and the web3 community as an integral part of this next wave. We can’t wait to bring our IP world together,” he added.

    About IPX (FKA) line friends)

    IPX is the new company name of line friendsis a global character brand that started with original characters such as BROWN and CONY as stamps for LINE, a major mobile messenger app with 200 million active users worldwide. IPX has announced its status as a “Digital IP Platform” company entering the digital IP-based metaverse and NFT business. IPX has announced its vision for IP 3.0. This allows anyone to create, own, and monetize IP.‘, A new IP generator platform that allows users to create personal character IPs for use in Metaverse and NFT services. Through strategic partnerships with various companies, as well as its digital IP OOZ&mates, virtual artist WADE, IPX is expanding the Metaverse and his NFT business and expertise. On the other hand, IPX has created popular IPs such as ‘BT21’ (BTS) and expanded its boundaries to include virtual influencers. In addition, IPX is expanding its IP-based business by partnering with global companies such as Netflix (original anime series), SUPERCELL (Brostar), and NEXON (KartRider).

    Chiru Labs boilerplate

    Chiru Lab Los AngelesA technology company building a decentralized brand at the intersection of art, technology and community. Chiru Labs is the creator of his popular NFT collections, His Azuki and His BENZ.



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