İznik Basilica to open to virtual world

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    Discovered in 2014 at Lake Iznik in the northwestern province of Bursa and ranked among the top 10 most important discoveries in the world in 2014, Iznik Lake Cathedral will be open to visitors in a virtual world using augmented reality technology Metaverse. .

    Under the guidance of Professor Mustafa Shahin of Bursa Uludag University, research has begun on transferring data obtained from excavations that began seven years ago into a virtual world. Data is uploaded to the metaverse environment.

    Once the construction is complete, it will be possible to wear VR glasses and visit the Iznik Lake Cathedral.

    “Thanks to Metaverse technology, visiting important and hard-to-access cultural sites has become much easier. It aims to be open to the public, so that the site of the First Council, held in Iznik in 325 AD and of great importance to Christendom, will meet visitors from all over the world with this project.” said Shahin.

    “It used to be difficult to visit the cathedral because it is underwater and requires certain facilities, but this project has made it easier. The success of the project is very important because it will open up the ancient city and monuments of Turkiye, as well as the opening of the world to tourists with modern technology. “

    Set in 1.5 to 2 meters of water, this Roman cathedral was discovered while photographing the city from the air to catalog historical and cultural relics. Archaeologists, historians, and art historians believe the structure collapsed in 740 AD during an earthquake in the area.

    According to ancient sources, medieval Christians always stopped at Iznik during their pilgrimages to visit its churches.


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