More collaborates with NEAR Protocol to launch NFTs for RADDX Racing Metaverse

    Published on:, GuardianLink’s flagship NFT gaming platform, has announced a partnership with Layer 1 blockchain, NEAR Protocol, according to an official release. The partnership will enable the launch of 1 million NFTs for the RADDX Racing Metaverse, a metaverse of racing games.

    “The collaboration between our marketplace and NEAR Protocol will help us reach more users. This collaboration is expected to contribute to the adoption of the Web3.0 platform by the gaming industry,” said COO of Kameshwaran Elangovan explained.’s RADDX Racing Metaverse is also believed to include Digital Lands, a real estate advertising platform.

    “By combining the technical capabilities of NEAR Protocol with’s efforts to make non-fungible tokens (NFTs) accessible to everyone, we aim to increase blockchain adoption. , this collaboration will enable us to bring the utility of NFTs to the masses,” concluded Dr. Apit Sharma of the Nia Foundation.

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