KDDI to offer metaverse services as market grows

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    Japanese telecommunications giant KDDI plans to offer a Metaverse service around the middle of the year. Such virtual interactive spaces on the Internet are gaining popularity.

    KDDI says it will display online concerts in three dimensions in the Metaverse, allowing users to select from any angle.

    The technology also allows artists to create stage effects that are difficult to achieve in a live concert.

    KDDI also plans to recreate apparel shops and other stores in the Metaverse. User can immerse himself in his 3D shopping experience. You can also purchase items.

    Mr. Kazuhiko Nakato, deputy general manager of KDDI’s business creation, said, “We will change the metaverse from a temporary one to a permanent one.”

    He added that the company is aiming for more than $700 million in Metaverse-related revenue over the next three years.

    According to the government’s White Paper on Information and Communications in Japan, the global metaverse market in 2021 was worth about $31 billion. By 2030, it is projected to expand approximately 18-fold to approximately $573 billion.


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