Korea’s VFX Company, Dexter Studios, Continues Its Journey Towards the Global Market Beyond Asia

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    Seoul, South Korea, December 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Founded in 2012, Dexter Studios has established itself as one of the world's leading VFX companies. South Korea. Known for its exceptional competitiveness, the company's “unprecedented VFX” for the film “Parasite” (2019) surprised the Academy Awards. Not only were Dexter Studios satisfied with their superiority in producing visual techniques for their films, but they also differentiated themselves with their strategic tactics as they pushed the technical limits.

    Until 10 years ago, only three major global studios had the technology to create fur for feature films with homegrown programs. Therefore, in-house software was considered the property of the global studio. Nevertheless, Dexter Studios has developed a unique integrated simulation solution, his Zelos, setting a milestone as Asia's first success story. This program demonstrated the technology that vividly depicted two million gorilla hairs in the movie “Mr. Go” (2013), and after upgrading, it evolved into ZENN (Zelos Node Network).

    In particular, the ZENN digital environment allows digital environments such as rocks, forests, and cities to be zoned on the map to control the density of trees and plants, and ZarVis (Zelos For Particle & Volume Integration System) can be used to recreate the ocean. It's successful. It's difficult to create with CG. This expanded ZENN technology has made it possible to build large-scale environments, and has achieved the culmination of state-of-the-art VFX technology in many productions, including the movie “The Pirates” (2014).

    As a result, this paper became the first Korean company to be accepted by DIGIPRO. DIGIPRO is a global VFX conference that introduces CG, art, and animation, with many world-renowned studios and artists participating. In 2013, global companies such as Pixar, Disney, Rhythm & Hughes, Image Engine, DNEG, DreamWorks, and Weta Studios were introduced on the DIGIPRO website, and Dexter Studio's work was introduced as the conference's representative work, gaining global recognition. attracted attention. .

    This development capability has led to a series of requests from various companies. China, the company expanded its references by participating in large-scale projects. “Young Detective Dee: The Birth of the Sea Dragon” (2013), “The Monkey King” (2014), “Reclaiming Tiger Mountain” (2014), “Monkey King 2: The Legend Begins” (2016), “King 3: The Kingdom of Women'' (2018), “Journey to the West'' (2017), and “Kung Fu Yoga'' (2017), which recorded tens of billions of dollars in box office revenue. Especially now, February 2017Three Dexter Studios films rank 5th (Journey to the West), 6th (Kung Fu Yoga) and 10th (The Monkey King 2: The Legend Begins) in the top 10 box office grossing list. ”) was ranked.hit China.

    During this period, the film continued to perform well both domestically and internationally. A case in point is the film “Pirates” in 2014, where she was a box office success with 8.66 million viewers. The ocean was key to the film's main setting, and Dexter Studios' ZarVis (Zelos For Particle & Volume Integration System) played a key role. It is used to create footage using only VFX techniques without the use of the actual ocean. The realistic movement of the water, the whale's skin and maneuvering, and the ship's navigation were praised as “concrete proof of Korea's advanced CG.”

    Dexter Studios has become an innovative and growing company in the Asian market. December 2015, became the first Korean film company to be listed on the KOSDAQ under the “Technology Special Listed Company'' system. It was also his first VFX studio to do this. The company's growth continued.

    “Two Worlds with God” released December 2017“With God: The Last 49 Days,” which attracted 14.41 million viewers and was released in 2016. August 2018attracted 12.27 million viewers, making it the first series in Korean film history to exceed 10 million viewers. Considering the total population of South Korea As of 2018, there were approximately 51.6 million people, which means that one in two Koreans had seen the movie “Along with God.” Dexter Studio will be the main producer of the entire movie together with its partners, and will be in charge of planning, production, DI, and VFX, and subsidiary LIVETONE will be in charge of sound production, making it an all-round project and one-stop multi-production.

    This process works through a special pipeline structure. Dexter Studios has a separate production department that oversees the entire production process, with approximately 30 professional producers managing the schedule from start to completion. Furthermore, VFX is divided into over 10 separate processes such as previs, concept art, match move, rigging, animation, lighting, FX, assets, compositing, matte painting, etc. The company also has an in-house research and development lab to develop his IT technology.

    This system maintains stable quality control and gives us the competitiveness to produce large-scale works on a global scale. Their success is no coincidence; they have garnered worldwide attention with films such as Netflix's Space Sweepers (2021), Jung_E (2023), Zombieverse (2023), and Disney+'s I have been in charge of global OTT K content. Moving” (2023).

    The company is not resting on its laurels and is focusing on expanding its business areas. In 2021, he entered the virtual production business and opened D1 Studio. From its first facility, D1 collaborated with Lux Machina for the first time in Korea. Lux Machina demonstrated his VP technology at The Mandalorian, Oscar, and the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. “The Moon'' (2023), which was the first Korean film to use VP technology, also achieved new results. By combining VFX and VP, the film provided audiences with a scientific space experience.

    Additionally, Dexter Studios is active in the Metaverse business. The company has accumulated business know-how by collaborating with government agencies to produce VR content related to cultural properties and co-producing VR services with a web comic book company. Based on this, we are currently working on a media art project with Gyeongju, one of Korea's leading cultural and tourist cities. In the Metaverse industry, we have secured a solid reference by leveraging the advantage of being able to create multimedia content using various technologies such as VFX, VP, DI, and SOUND.

    A decade later, Dexter Studios went from producing movies in 2012 to becoming a global studio with the momentum to create endless cultural content that makes every imagination a reality. Dexter Studios continues to work on global projects and has recently brought his VFX technology to the United States. Japanand Hungary A collaboration between “Knights of the Zodiac” (2023) and the Netflix series “Yu Yu Hakusho” (2023). It will be interesting to see whether this once small Korean studio will make history by creating a new impact on the global content market.

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