Land Rover’s Most Worrying Results In Spain

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    Data from Anfac show that the Spanish auto industry is having a good time in terms of sales. The number of registrations in March increased by 66.1% year-on-year to 99,524 units, and sales in the first quarter increased by 44.5% to 237,563 units. However, not all brands can celebrate these great results.

    This is the case for Land Rover, which records separate data for sales in Spain. The British brand was his 33rd bestseller in March 2023 with only 324 registrations. For the full year, it sold 878 units, placing it in 32nd place behind Porsche, which sold more than Land Rover. Note that it outperforms brands such as Honda, Alfa Romeo and Jaguar.

    Land Rover has not included a single model among Spain’s 1,000 bestsellers

    Most concerning is Land Rover’s inability to list a single model in the range among the top 100 best-selling cars in Spain. This fact contrasts with the success of the brand in other markets, especially in the UK, where he is one of the most popular and valued brands.

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    There may be several reasons for this cautious behavior in Spain. On the one hand, the SUV segment is not one of the most popular segments in our country, where passenger cars continue to be kings of the road. Also, the competition in this area is very stiff with brands such as Jeep and Toyota that have very popular models that are highly rated by users.

    Another factor to consider is that Land Rover models are expensive and positioned at the high end of the market, making them out of reach for most buyers. In addition, the economic crisis that has affected Spain in recent years may also have influenced the decision of many users to opt for cheaper and more accessible models.


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