Largest Metaverse tech firm reveals ‘Landvault 2.0’ to pioneer the next evolution of the internet

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    To celebrate its one-year anniversary, the company announced 2.0, a two-pronged strategic approach to ushering in the next era of the Internet.

    Focusing on its pillars and utility-driven approach, Landvault intends to lead the metaverse revolution in the MENA region.

    As part of its expansion to strengthen its presence and accelerate the adoption of 3D Internet, the company is actively seeking to appoint experts in the Middle East and Africa region.

    DUBAI: Metaverse technology giant Landvault is celebrating its one-year anniversary with the unveiling of Landvault 2.0, a two-pronged approach to usher in the next evolution of the Internet.

    Landvault embarked on a transformational journey after recognizing existing limitations and changing sentiments. After extensive market research, including feedback from over 500 potential customers, combined with valuable lessons from the Metaverse Winter of 2023, the company will deliver a richer and fairer Internet through the concept of the ‘3D Internet’. I focused on that.

    Landvault will see significant growth in 2022 as the metaverse evolves rapidly. Landvault, who has sold virtual worlds to Fortune 500 brands and has completed over 200 projects for the world’s largest companies and governments, from Mastercard to Standard Chartered, has expanded his 100 million square feet across platforms such as The Sandbox and Decentraland. We’ve developed experiences beyond feet.

    However, the ensuing metaverse winter caused a shift in market dynamics. Many brands treated their presence in the metaverse as an experiment and pulled out when the initial buzz wore off. This situation forced Landvault to rethink its metaverse value proposition and identify new customer needs.

    With a vision of ‘next best to reality’, Landvault aims to pioneer the Metaverse into the next evolution of media platforms: the 3D Internet. In response to this vision, Landvault’s research uncovered his three key requirements for the success of the Metaverse.

    • High-fidelity content that users can relate to and connect with.
    • Access from any device. To achieve greater adoption, metaverse experiences must be easily discoverable and accessible.
    • Attract long-term engagement and business interest with a positive return on investment (ROI).

    The company intends to lead the metaverse revolution in the MENA region by focusing on two key pillars:

    The first pillar involves building a robust technology stack that accelerates the creation and monetization of metaverse experiences. Landvault creates unique tools that make it easy for creators and brands to create high-fidelity content while ensuring seamless monetization opportunities.

    The second pillar will focus on bringing cutting-edge technology to the MENA region, leading the metaverse industry. Landvault intends to introduce the concept of the 3D internet by establishing a strong presence in the region and offering a utility-driven approach that goes beyond the hype of the metaverse. The company is already working with brands in the region and aims to better equip businesses and governments to connect with the next generation of internet users, while delivering deliverables that match the region’s vision.

    As part of this transformational journey, Landvault has rebranded and launched a new website that reflects its new vision. Landvault Studio, the metaverse builder, remains an integral part of the company, but now leverages an innovative tech stack to deliver an unparalleled user experience.

    Landvault CEO Samuel Huber expressed his enthusiasm for this new direction, stating, “Winter Journey to the Metaverse was a defining moment for Landvault.” This has forced us to rethink and rethink our role in shaping the future of the Internet. We are on a mission to unlock the true potential of the 3D Internet defined by utility and are ready to lead the next era of change. “

    Landvault is actively seeking to appoint sales and business development experts in the MENA region as part of its expansion to strengthen its presence and accelerate the adoption of 3D Internet.

    Landvault is the largest metaverse builder with over 100 million square feet of virtual real estate, 120+ full-time creators, and nearly 300 completed projects. We have been helping brands build and grow in the gaming environment since 2017 and in the metaverse since 2021. Landvault’s unique platform-agnostic technology and creative drive build and deliver customized, data-driven and optimized business solutions and insights. We help our clients launch, optimize and monetize their metaverse experiences. Landvault’s mission is to accelerate the metaverse economy through technology, with a vision of a more equitable distribution of wealth across the web.

    Landvault actively uses a protocol called Matera to achieve this. Matera allows you to connect to Unity and Unreal via SDKs, allowing creators to publish their content seamlessly on the web (accessibility), indexed and tokenized on-chain.


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