Launched “Heritage Cars & Safe Drive Studio”

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    Metaverse, the next evolution in social connections, strengthens its team and welcomes back Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. to improve customer experience.

    On March 7, 2024, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. took another step in the world of the Metaverse by announcing the latest tools to enhance the customer experience. 'Heritage Cars & Safe Drive Studio' was launched by Nissam in Metaverse to provide virtual reality experience and cater to the changing needs of customers.

    Metaverse with the theme of new history and safety

    March 7, 2024 was one of the most important days in Nissan's journey as the company launched its latest tool in the virtual world: Heritage Cars & Safe Drive Studio. The tool was launched to commemorate Nissan's 90th anniversary and presents a virtual experience with a focus on history and safety.

    According to the automaker, the launch is believed to improve the customer experience by combining virtual experiences with vehicle history and driver education. New tools act as a bridge between past and present.

    This time, the automaker showcased three of Nissan's legendary models: the Silvia Q's S13, the Skyline 2000GTX-E, and the 1950s American Dreamscape.

    Silvia Q's S13 allows you to learn how the color of pedestrian clothing affects driver attention. Visitors can learn about the real-world effects of color in pedestrian clothing and admire the beauty of the models.

    The Skyline 2000GTX-E is another model used by Nissan to make visitors aware of multitasking and driving. This exhibit offers a mini-game that depicts how a single second in the middle of a catastrophe can change a beautiful journey.

    Nissan also used 1950s American Dreamscape car models in its Heritage Cars & Safe Drive studio, which dates back to the 50s and 60s. The exhibition offers a full dinner and drive-in theater setting, allowing attendees to combine nostalgia and education. There will be a responsibility to teach lessons from the past.

    The new experience can be accessed with VRChat for Meta Quest.

    Nissan and the Metaverse

    The launch of Heritage Cars & Safe Drive Studio is not Nissan's first move into the virtual world. The company has been paving the way since his 2022.

    The automaker has launched the Japan-based light electric vehicle “Nissan Sakura” in a virtual world. All his VRChat users around the world can experience a virtual test drive while enjoying Japanese tea and sweets.

    In January 2023, the company created a virtual reality campaign for the introduction of all new electric Ariya cars and enlisted five local artists to participate in the campaign. In addition, users were taken to a virtual land through the Nissan Electrified Lab, where they were able to interact with a virtual model of the Ariya.

    The company has also expanded its roots to Italy, announcing the e-POWER Metaverse at Decentraland. This allowed individuals to explore new engine capabilities and unique features of the Nissan Qashqai.

    The Metaverse is the next extension of social connections and the successor to the mobile Internet. Similar to the Internet, virtual spaces help individuals connect with others without being physically present in the same location. Sandbox is one of the best examples of virtual reality that allows users to play and build inside a virtual earth.


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