Legal Challenges and Opportunities in the Crypto World

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    artificial intelligence is very in the news recently, and every day it seems like we hear about new and amazing things this technology can do. There are currently legal issues with AI content, but once this is resolved, it will open up brave new places for its use, especially in the crypto sector.

    In Europe, an early EU agreement that could pave the way for the first comprehensive law governing technology would allow companies using generative AI tools such as ChatGPT to protect the copyrights used to build the system. You should report protected content.

    Almost two years ago, the European Commission began drafting an AI law to regulate the rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence. Interest and investment skyrocketed after OpenAI’s AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT became available.

    Members of the European Parliament have decided to move on to the next phase, called the ‘trilogy’, in which EU legislators and Member States work out the final features of the bill.

    The law seeks to rank AI tools from low to limited, high to unacceptable in terms of perceived danger. At stake are concerns about the dissemination of false information, biometric surveillance, or the use of biased language.

    Legal Controversy in the United States

    Europe isn’t the only place where generative AI is sparking legal controversy. The question of whether AI can apply for and obtain a patent for generating content was recently tried in an American court when a lawsuit was filed seeking to name an artificial intelligence system as the inventor of the patent. it was done.

    The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear this case. This may seem to undermine a controversial idea that could transform the intellectual property field. But it is far from solving the problem and has done nothing to allay growing concerns that AI could overturn other aspects of intellectual property law.

    Although primarily known for OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the same technology is already being used to design semiconductors, proposing new molecular ideas that could form the basis of useful pharmaceuticals.

    According to Chris Morgan, IP partner at law firm Reed Smith, AI’s potential is growing because technology is being used as a tool to help humans form ideas rather than operate independently. Such use does not appear to pose serious problems for the patent system. .

    However, noting that AI systems could one day come up with inventions of their own, she added:

    Our law, as it is currently written, is not ready to handle that scenario.

    Even before reaching that stage, she and other legal experts have been using systems such as ChatGPT to churn out a large number of new patent applications to the patent office in hopes of winning big. warned that it could flood the company with complaints.

    Impact of Generative AI on the Cryptocurrency World

    Portfolio management of digital assets This is an area where generative AI is expected to have a major impact. The growth of digital assets has increased the complexity of portfolio management. To automate processes, generative AI researches market trends, generates quotes, and places trades. And as the industry continues to evolve, it will become easier for non-professionals to monitor assets and manage portfolios.

    of Create a new digital asset Another area that is likely to be greatly impacted by generative AI. As technology develops, it will become easier to build customized digital assets automatically. This could have a significant impact on the market as there will be an unprecedented amount of new cryptocurrency production, making the environment for token initiatives more competitive.

    AI and dApps

    Another area where generative AI is expected to have a major impact is New Decentralized Apps (dApps)Decentralized apps are growing in popularity as consumers demand better security and control over their assets and data. However, developing dApps today is difficult and time consuming. By autonomously generating code based on a set of inputs, generative AI has the potential to streamline this procedure and make dApp creation easier and faster.

    “A picture is worth a thousand words”

    Crypto-related image generation is already making an impact. These images are used for marketing purposes and as a strong motivation to invest in a particular project. It can also be used to breathe “life” into what might be perceived as an overly technical explanation, introducing powerful cryptography in a powerful new light.

    Enhanced security

    The introduction of generative AI Storage solution security In web3 and crypto. As the number of blockchain transactions continues to grow, the potential for fraud and hacking increases, but generative AI has the potential to reduce this risk by identifying and mitigating security issues. Therefore, even as the world of cryptocurrencies and the Web3 becomes more and more complex, AI can help protect users’ money and information.

    AI encryption application

    No discussion of current AI trends would be complete without mentioning the projects that are currently in the news. AiDoge (AI) is an AI-driven text-to-meme generator platform that allows users to create new related memes. Currently, it is on pre-sale where you can participate at a low price before the official release.

    According to the project site,

    AiDoge’s generator uses state-of-the-art AI algorithms to create contextually relevant memes, trained on an extensive meme dataset and crypto news. This ensures high quality and up-to-date memes.

    Key elements include text-based instructions, an AI-powered meme generator, and native AI tokens for purchasing credits. AiDoge’s meme generator uses the latest AI algorithms to create situational memes. This ensures that only the best and latest memes are used.

    The AiDoge ecosystem offers users the following opportunities: Bet AI Token To access platform features and daily credit incentives. Staking is very important for continued participation and stability of the platform. AiDoge users can load and upload AI-generated memes to their public walls.

    Visitors can explore wall memes with tools for filtering and sorting based on criteria such as popularity, recency, or specific themes. They offer a modern approach to meme generation that utilizes cutting-edge AI techniques, user-friendly suggestions, and a token-based credit system to modernize meme-making and foster a vibrant crypto community. .

    The AiDoge platform has generated 1 trillion AI tokens. 50%, or 500 billion, will be sold in the presale. The rest of his $500 billion will be used for liquidity, exchange listings, vesting, and community awards. AI Tokens left over from the AiDoge presale will be wiped out. As a result, the market capitalization will fall.

    The earliest investors receive tokens at a minimum price of $0.000026. As each step sells out, the cost will continue to rise. After the pre-sale, the AI ​​Token will be listed on both the centralized and decentralized markets at a price of $0.0000336.

    As a result, Stage 1 investors receive an immediate 30% increase. AiDoge presales are available in a variety of currencies. BNB, Tether and Ethereum are all covered. Credit cards can be used for purchases by people without cryptocurrency. Click here for the AI ​​Token purchase guide.

    To participate in AiDoge’s presale as an early investor, please follow the link to the site at

    Access AiDoge Presale

    AI crypto price prediction

    In the emerging AI space, there is another new project on presale that could bring wealth to early investors.

    In order to provide various AI-based analytical tools and platforms for all kinds of traders, yPredict has established an ecosystem that connects financial quants, traders and AI/ML specialists. According to the authors, these specially crafted tools may provide advanced analysis and insight by applying cutting-edge financial forecasting techniques and indicators built from complementary data sources. .

    To help traders navigate today’s complex financial markets, yPredict provides access to expert solutions and tactics. These issues include too much noise and lack of statistical significance, which often lead to erroneous decision making. Many traders simply use information from social media such as news and public opinion, or signals from fraudulent suppliers. With yPredict’s analytical tools and platform, you can make your trade choices more intelligently and optimize your trading strategy.

    The yPredict marketplace rewards developers who list their model results in YPRED tokens as a monthly subscription product. The developer will receive his 70% of the subscription payment and the token will be locked for him for 30 days to maintain price stability.

    To participate in the yPredict presale as an early investor, please visit

    Access the yPredict presale


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