Lifebuoy launches ‘Gift of the Ganga’ in the Metaverse

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    According to a recent UNICEF report,[1]Approximately 818 million children worldwide lack basic hand-washing facilities in schools, putting them at increased risk of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. To advance its global mission to improve handwashing behaviors, especially among children, Lifebuoy, Hindustan Unilever Limited’s #1 sanitary soap brand, launched the largest virtual hygiene drive in the Metaverse. gift of ganga.

    this Individual Minecraft builds aim to turn germ-breeding pollution into germ protection, thereby turning bad pollution into good germ protection. In “Gift of the Ganga,” gamers are invited to fish plastic pollution out of a giant river recreated in the Metaverse. In return, the lifebuoy removes an equal or greater amount from the actual river.

    On the ground, in partnership with social enterprise Swayambhu and the central government’s Namami Ganj program, Lifebuoy is collecting and upcycling plastic waste in Haridwar Bend, one of the most affected areas of the river. will expand its efforts. Collected plastic is supplemented by a segregation process of identification, sorting, splitting and sorting so that it can be sent out for upcycling. To promote awareness and action, Lifebuoy also encourages people from all walks of life to participate and volunteer in physical cleanup activities on the ground. Interested parties should contact Swayambhu at 9205642777.

    Lifebuoy is single-mindedly focused on preventing disease by improving hygiene behaviors among children, and this plastic, once quarantined, has been upgraded to build hand-washing stations for underserved schools. cycled. By providing access to handwashing stations with soap in addition to proven branded handwashing programs, Lifebuoy helps thousands of children fight germs and protect themselves from infectious diseases. provide a means In line with our mission to eliminate risks to the environment, the brand has made sure that the upcycled plastic slabs used to create the handwashing stations are further crushed so that they can be upcycled 5 or more times. bottom.

    according to Unilever Global Brand Director Pernil Sarin said: “Contaminants of all kinds are breeding grounds for disease-carrying pathogens. Combined with not practicing hand hygiene at appropriate times every day, this leads to multiple preventable illnesses in children.” , has always believed in more than creating discourse on the importance of soap and hand hygiene.Each year the brand continues to create and launch platforms to further expand and engage people at scale. It is working.”

    Over the last century, Lifebuoy has helped build hygiene habits for over a billion people by providing access to handwashing facilities and educating children and mothers through numerous proven, localized programs. rice field. “Gift of the Ganga” is one of Lifebuoy’s largest and most unique initiatives to engage young gaming audiences and encourage behavioral change towards hygiene and hand washing.

    Sarin adds: “We are inviting people from all walks of life to help us in our mission to prevent disease. It’s a great example of emphasizing the importance of waste sorting and the potential for on-site upcycling, while also educating them about healthy habits that they will stick with for a lifetime by making learning about hygiene fun, interactive and collaborative. I hope that you will be able to wear

    Less than five days after the game’s release, ‘Gift of the Ganga’ has attracted gamers from 10 countries. This includes top he gamers and influencers who together have raised awareness and collected nearly 12 tons of plastic waste. Lifebuoy will encourage more gamers to participate in the collection as the amount of waste collected increases. The more handwashing stations a brand can build, the more thousands of children it can help across underserved schools in its neighborhood/country.


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