LightCycle, the first 3D metaverse platform based on Caduceus Metaverse Protocol, will soon begin closed beta testing.

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    LightCycle, a 3D metaverse platform based on the Caduceus blockchain, is about to release V1.0 for closed testing. LightCycle is a 3D metaverse platform that provides consumers with new, scalable and immersive 3D gaming experiences, enabling them to interact online with the brands they love. LightCycle users have an autonomous identity system and virtual image that allows them to interact with anyone, discuss culture, and decorate their virtual image at any time. In addition, LightCycle provides a land and content management system that allows brands to acquire land and diverse digital assets, build diverse venue models, and build their own cultural communities by uploading virtual content and assets. enable, thereby improving the customer experience for your business.

    During the initial LightCycle testing phase, NFT Showroom and Avatars will be enabled. Similar to large shopping centers, brands and NFT initiatives will have the opportunity to display their NFTs in the exhibit space. Users can peruse her over 1,000 kiosks showcasing various digital assets and receive her CMP rewards for participating in testing procedures. Users have complete control over their virtual appearance, including hairstyles, clothing, and more.

    LightCycle provides a truly immersive virtual environment created using Unreal Engine 5 with high-quality visuals, the Caduceus blockchain, and the Vertex real-time edge rendering engine for infrastructure. Caduceus Chief Technology Officer Matt McGuire said: LightCycle demonstrates the transformative potential of real-time edge rendering, and we look forward to more metaverse initiatives leveraging our excellent technology. ”

    The virtual city features NFT exhibition halls, digital identity systems, instant interactive messaging, property management, design and personalization tools, virtual meeting rooms, and Metaverse concert venues. LightCycle’s self-build toolkit allows users to develop their own applications and customize environments, giving him access to over 61,410 developable areas in a 30 million square meter virtual city.

    LightCycle also provides users with a powerful scene editor to freely create ‘real estate’, ‘cars’, ‘furniture’, ‘clothes’, etc. In the future, LightCycle will introduce more brand collaborations, open conference systems, concert systems, support brand launches, complete the construction of the entire business brand, and more companies and communities will integrate with the Metaverse. support the If you’re interested in virtual reality, the metaverse, or anything else, follow LightCycle to see what’s coming next.

    After eight months of development and alpha testing, this upcoming testing phase marks an exciting step in the progress and adoption of the metaverse.

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