Lijia Smart Hall by Gensler

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    Lijia Smart Hall uses a highly customized parametric design and is famous for its organic design that blends into the natural park.

    Lijia Smart Hall, designed by Gensler, is located in Chongqing’s Lijia Wisdom Park and is one of the main venues of the China International Smart Industry Expo (Smart Expo). Since 2018, the Smart Expo has been held in Chongqing to showcase the achievements of intelligent technology and promote the development of intelligent technology and industry.

    The Gensler team’s vision when design began was to create an iconic building that perfectly met its placement needs and was perfectly integrated into the lush green surroundings. With this as a starting point, the design principles of “Simplicity, Relevance, Eternity, Excellence, Flexibility, Technology, Experience and Connectivity” were established.

    The architectural design is inspired by Chongqing’s geographical features. Built on a hill and averaging more foggy days each year, Chongqing is where the Yangtze and Jialing rivers meet. The resulting structures have organic, fluid forms that blend into the natural landscape.

    The key to achieving this smooth visual effect is the “Y-shaped” design system proposed by the design team. The Y-shaped design language pervades the venue, from the cantilever steel structural system to the roof panels, from the ventilation system to the exterior glass and lighting system. Each component has a lightweight body that supports large venues, giving the whole structure a harmonious and unified aesthetic.

    The interior design of the venue was also by Gensler, and the Y-shaped design element was inherited. The interior design emphasizes the heavy and heavy Chinese style, and the interior design team skillfully incorporates Y-shaped elements into the design of the curved grooves and core tubes on the inner wall to create an organic unity between the inside and outside. It has come true. In addition, the copper doors and decorative glass patterns inside are designed to reflect Chongqing’s unique geographical environment.

    Gensler’s architectural team used parametric design to create a more efficient and precise design for this complex geometric building. When creating highly customized parametric models, the design team only needs to update one parameter. The algorithm can also automatically complete all relevant updates, eliminating the need for designers to update each design component individually. The implementation of this intelligent approach has greatly improved the efficiency of the project and greatly increased the standardization of the entire assembly and construction process.

    In addition to innovating in design methods, Gensler’s team used ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) with high toughness and durability as the building’s cladding, achieving a simple and elegant white texture throughout the building. , which minimized the absorption of solar radiation in the building. In summer, heat reduces energy consumption in indoor HVAC systems.

    The large-area glass curtain wall and roof skylight design allow the building to maximize the use of natural light, reduce operational energy consumption, and allow people to enjoy the crystal-clear outdoor scenery while indoors. The well-lit public areas provide comfortable and comfortable resting spaces for those participating in expo and forum activities.

    From a distance, the Toshiie Smart Hall by the lake in the park looks like a bright cloud, named after the lake’s name, Baiyun Lake. Gensler’s team aims to create a venue that inhabits and interacts with nature in an organic way, as opposed to a massive building that pops up in the garden.

    Project information

    architecture: Gensler
    interior: Gensler
    client: Chongqing Lianliang New Area Development Investment Group
    construction area:12,500㎡
    site area:20,000㎡
    position: Chongqing, China
    photo shoot: Black Station


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