Liminal Enhances Telos Blockchain Security with Innovative Custody Integration

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    Liminal strengthens Telos blockchain security with innovative custody integration
    January 15, 2024
    January 15, 2024

    kelly cromley

    In a groundbreaking development, Liminal, a prominent provider of institutional-grade digital asset custody solutions, announced a major integration with Telos Network. This strategic move highlights a pivotal advancement in enhancing the security and efficiency of asset management within the Telos blockchain. Recognizing the critical role of blockchain infrastructure in secure storage, Liminal has aligned its efforts with the growing demand for alternative blockchain ecosystems and increased community engagement, and is committed to building the fundamentals of its storage platform. It emphasizes interoperability as a comprehensive integration parameter.

    According to Manhar Garegrat, Liminal's Country Head of India and Global Partnerships, the integration with Telos has strategic importance in Liminal's multi-chain ecosystem. Garegrat expressed his enthusiasm and highlighted the attributes that make Telos an attractive platform for his Web3 implementation. He said: “Adding Telos to Liminal’s management infrastructure is an important step in growing the web3 ecosystem together. Telos has a record of zero downtime since launch, high transaction throughput, and a commitment to zero knowledge technology. This focus makes it an attractive platform for Web3 deployments. Projects building on Telos leverage Liminal's robust security, compliance, regulated storage, process automation, and integration to grow their business on Telos. I’m excited about what we can do.”

    Sukesh Tedla, director of liquidity and exchanges at Telos Network, similarly expressed his excitement about the partnership. Mr. Tedra emphasized the unity of values, saying: Combining the strengths of both brands will not only improve the digital asset experience for users, but also create a highly secure ecosystem to foster innovation in digital asset custody services. We are fully committed to creating further synergies with Liminal in the near future. ”

    Integration of Liminal and Telos Network

    This integration brings Telos, a third-generation blockchain platform, to Liminal's custodial and wallet infrastructure. This move strengthens secure storage, policy-driven workflows, multi-party wallet governance, and comprehensive compliance oversight of protocols and institutions operating on the Telos network.

    Main features of Liminal and Telos Network integration:

    Secure and efficient financial management: Liminal Custody's robust MPC and multisig-powered wallet infrastructure ensures unparalleled security for Telos-supported assets. This architecture ensures that all transactions adhere to strict security protocols and multi-party authentication requirements, giving you granular control over asset management.

    Policy-driven automation for optimal efficiency: Liminal's automated workflows streamline Telos asset management processes. Users can define policy-based transaction processing rules to automate routine tasks to suit specific risk tolerances and regulatory requirements, reduce operational overhead, and improve overall efficiency. .

    Vigilant risk and compliance monitoring: Liminal Custody's comprehensive risk and compliance monitoring tools reduce potential risks and ensure regulatory compliance. The platform continuously monitors wallets and transactions for potential anomalies and violations, allowing users to take immediate action to protect their funds and comply with regulatory standards.

    Seamless integration with Telos and DApp ecosystem: Liminal's MMI and Wallet Connect integration provides seamless access to a wide range of native Telos and mainstream decentralized applications (DApps). This integration will allow users to access a wide variety of his DeFi protocols and leverage Telos' asset holdings.

    Liminal is a pioneer in integrating Telos Network into its custody and wallet infrastructure, and this partnership not only provides enhanced security, but also promises a solid foundation for innovation in digital asset custody services. This strategic move strengthens Liminal's commitment to shaping the future of secure digital asset management in the evolving landscape of blockchain technology.


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