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    Livingston University hosts Geek Week

    Published Thursday, October 12, 2023 at 12:00 a.m.

    Livingston University News Service

    SALISBURY — Livingston College’s Honors Program hosted Geek Week earlier this month with the theme “Becoming – Belonging – Being: The Academic Evolution of Techno-Humanity.”

    The week-long activities created opportunities for everyone at Livingston to participate in professional development opportunities, academic engagement, and friendly academic competitions.

    Monday’s financial awareness event featured Dewayne Hall of the Society for Financial Education and Professional Development (SFEPD). SFEPD is a global leader in financial education that works to improve financial literacy for everyone.

    Facilitated by Honors Program student body president Madison Wright, more than 200 students gathered in the Tubman Theater to explore the value of financial goal setting, credit and debt management, savings and budgeting, and learn about financial success. Gained foundational financial knowledge and skills.

    Tuesday’s event on digital brand building featured Livingston College MBA student Emil Dogbe Gakpetor, Lowe’s employee Tim Walker, and Allstate’s Kariela Joseph, who gave presentations on representation in the digital marketplace. Ta.

    From LinkedIn profiles to purpose-driven activities, Livingston College alumni engaged with over 100 students to upgrade their digital footprint in the metaverse with headshots, captions, and key design points to improve their professional lives. I learned how to create and enhance the charm of

    The campus community will gather in Varick Auditorium at 11 a.m. I want a word on Wednesday (INAWW), a weekly worship experience for the university. The Honors Program partnered with Campus Minister Lloyd Nivens IV for a breast cancer awareness-themed event to increase knowledge, encourage testing, and support affected students and employees.

    Immediately after INAWW, Honors Program Director Da’Tarvia Parrish hosted a Public Service Loan Forgiveness Workshop. The event, exclusive to university faculty and staff, was aimed at supporting America’s student loan crisis and easing the financial burden on millions of Americans. Several evening virtual workshops were held Wednesday to engage the university’s day, evening, and online students.

    As president of the Salisbury American Association of University Women (AAUW) chapter, Parrish led the organization’s signature “Start Smart” presentation. This presentation is a program designed to teach women how to negotiate salaries for new jobs.

    Kenyanya Wilcox of Ken’s Occasion and Handling Links (KOOL) in Jacksonville, Florida, introduced the interview process and professional attire in the workplace.

    From Delaware State, Dr. Momodu Taylor’s session featured effective resume design and presentation, and Hood Theological Seminary Chaplain Dr. Reginald Boyd delved into graduate school admissions expertise to raise awareness of the graduate school application process. and increased my confidence. Because the cost of a college education is a concern for many students and their families, Chanel Quick, new director of alumni affairs, shared the institution’s awards that can help students finance their undergraduate education.

    To conclude the evening, Amina Sr. from MetLife Life hosted a Canva-based vision board party based on the holy book Habakkuk 2:2. With the goal of creating a digital tool that reminds students of God’s purpose and plan for their lives, vision boards help students avoid becoming distracted and discouraged.

    Thursday’s morning and afternoon schedule consisted of students working on paper/poster presentations on the humanities, sciences, business, and education in the Tubman Theater from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sixty-four students shared academic thought and digital presentations of his designs, ranging from examining the role of economics in the story of Frederick Douglass to exploring the school-to-prison pipeline.

    Top presenters included English education majors Kamari Scales and Nyla Gilcelda, and business major Jeremiah Brown. The evening’s events included the annual Quiz Bowl Tournament hosted by the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Club (HCASC).

    The tournament winner, Team Nexus, won a $200 prize. That included players Ellis Dogbe, Jacob Adkins, Christian Bussey and Kurt-Xavier Friesson, and was coached by student Jayden Mongoe.

    The final day of Geek Week was completely focused on voting, the ERA: education, registration, and activation.

    Students participated in multiple sessions learning how to research candidates’ platforms and political backgrounds, as well as learning about new voter ID requirements for North Carolinians. Honors Program students registered to vote and took on the High Five Challenge, which required them to register five friends.

    Students looking forward to voting on October 25th will culminate their voting efforts with a talent showcase supported by Interfaith America, Rowan Concerned Citizens, Black Voters Matter, and Mission House, expressing their voting plans and objectives. emphasized.

    “I choose to vote in this election because of my rights as provided in the 14th and 15th Amendments to the United States Constitution,” said contestant and second place winner Andrew Foster.

    Ultimately, Geek Week events are an opportunity for all Livingston College students and employees to gain professional experience, general knowledge, financial rewards, and socially conscious skills in an academically challenging environment. Masu.


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