Lockheed Martin Develops Simulation Software

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    Lockheed Martin has revolutionized 21st century military readiness with the introduction of a suite of Metaverse-based training solutions.

    This move includes: wide range of systemsThis includes Amorphic Appearance Zero-Projector (AMAZE) visual displays, Prepar3D simulation software, SIMRES live training technology, Battle Staff Trainer (BST) for multi-domain wargaming, and comprehensive cyber defense training. According to the report, these tools simulate complex multi-domain scenarios and provide realism and interactivity in training environments to enhance overall military capabilities.

    Pilot training by AMAZE

    Lockheed Martin’s AMAZE technology is a major departure from traditional projector-based systems, delivering an enhanced training experience with a high-contrast, bright display.

    AMAZE leverages LED modules and light relays to focus on strategic benefits while reducing maintenance needs, hardware footprint, and lifecycle costs. This technology opens a new era of cost-effective and sustainable immersive pilot training.

    Multi-domain training with Prepar3D

    Prepar3D, Lockheed Martin’s flagship training software, creates diverse learning scenarios across aviation, maritime, and ground disciplines. The open architecture enables the integration of third-party and customer-created content to ensure training stays up to date with evolving threats.

    Realistic force-on-force training with SIMRES

    Addressing the limitations of laser-based training systems, Lockheed Martin’s SIMRES technology provides a more realistic approach to live training. SIMRES uses sensors to track the location and orientation of military personnel and weapons, mapping these elements in virtual simulations and accurately calculating the trajectory and impact of firing events.

    This move will allow military personnel to act as avatars in a sophisticated game-like environment, greatly increasing the realism of training.

    Wargaming and Simulation with BST

    The Battle Staff Trainer (BST) is Lockheed Martin’s answer to the need to recreate different battlespaces. BST’s multi-domain operations capabilities enable militaries to prepare for future scenarios through realistic and customizable wargaming events. This training tool enables commanders and staffs to make smarter, faster decisions, a critical element in modern warfare.

    Cyber ​​defense coverage and readiness training

    As cyber threats evolve, Lockheed Martin’s Cyber ​​Defense Range and Readiness Training provides critical training for military personnel to operate effectively in cyber-conflict environments. This training supports a variety of platforms, including surface systems, subsea systems, and terrestrial systems, both autonomous and manned systems. Maturing military cyber operations with a focus on strengthening cyber systems, equipping cyber warriors, and disseminating threat intelligence.

    A new training frontier

    These developments by Lockheed Martin are consistent with a broader trend of integrating Metaverse technology into military training. For example, the U.S. Air Force uses augmented reality training technology developed by Red 6 to simulate entire military operations in the Metaverse. This approach provides a richer training experience and enables operational-level exercises that incorporate national command authority down to the tactical operator.

    Additionally, a consortium of German startups and defense scientists is testing AI weapons systems in the Metaverse. Their project, GhostPlay, utilizes advanced AI algorithms to simulate combat scenarios with high realism, incorporating detailed environmental data and weapon performance metrics.

    In the United States, the Marine Corps’ Project Tripoli is another example of the use of the Metaverse in military training. The project combines live training with simulation and augmented reality to provide Marines with a comprehensive and realistic combat experience.

    Lockheed Martin’s foray into metaverse-based military training solutions represents a step forward in modernizing military readiness. By leveraging advanced technology to create immersive and realistic training environments, Lockheed Martin is setting new standards in military training and equipping troops with the tools to meet the complex challenges of modern warfare. Masu.


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