Lockheed Martin Takes Military Training to The Metaverse

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    • Lockheed Martin announces Metaverse experience for military training.
    • AMAZE allows military officers to participate in simulated battles in the Metaverse.
    • The company also launched Prepar3D, which allows the military to create learning scenarios across air, maritime and ground disciplines in a virtual world.

    Lockheed Martin Company (NYSE: LMT) has announced a series of military training solutions that leverage Metaverse technology. The American aerospace, weapons, defense, information security, and technology company has developed the Amorphic Appearance Zero-Projector (AMAZE) visual display system that allows troops to conduct simulated combat within the Metaverse.

    company I will explain AMAZE is a new technology that “reimagines how customers can immerse themselves in high-fidelity training, breaking the mold of projector-based systems and making training even more realistic.”

    According to LMT, AMAZE uses LED modules and light relays, allowing users to focus on strategic advantage rather than sustainability.

    The company also offers Prepar3D, its flagship simulation and training software program that enables the military to create learning scenarios across air, maritime and ground domains in a virtual world. Customers can integrate third-party and customer-generated content to defeat threats as the landscape evolves.

    The third solution in the technology stack is SIMRES. This is a non-laser live training technology with no line of sight restrictions created to deliver force-on-force training. According to LMT, SIMRES uses sensors to track the location and orientation of military personnel and weapons in the real world and map them in a virtual simulation.

    The company also offers an LMT Battle Staff Trainer (BST) that allows customers to replicate any battlespace they need. The wargaming and simulation solution also features multi-domain operational capabilities that enable the military to realize a variety of wargaming events.

    The fifth and final solution in the program is Cyber ​​Defense Range and Readiness Training. This will enable the military to assess a variety of cyber threats and will provide support for surface, subsea, and terrestrial platforms for both autonomous and manned systems.


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