Love Virtually Trailer Takes a Cast of Comedy Legends Into the Metaverse

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    Technology is advancing at a rather alarming rate, with AI (or just word prediction software) becoming a legitimate threat to people’s lives in a variety of institutions. However, what is less talked about is the impact that AI and virtual realities like the “metaverse” will have on real-life relationships. How does it affect love, dating, marriage, infidelity, and morality itself? If you have sex with someone in virtual reality, is it cheating or just a form of porn? Can you fall in love virtually?

    love virtually is a new indie film that explores some of these themes within the context of a lo-fi romantic comedy. The film also stars Cheri Oteri, Paul F. Tompkins, Peter Gilroy, Ryan O’Flanagan, Adam Ray, Nikki Howard, Tom Virtue, Paige Mobley, Vincent Washington, Ksenia Valenti, Harper. – Starring Frawley, LE Stayman, and Stephen Tobolowsky. The synopsis reads as follows:

    “In a world where the Metaverse has been widely adopted, four couples go to extraordinary lengths to find true love in a virtual world. Love Virtually is a metaverse-era retro-futuristic satirical rom-com featuring live-action and 3D A fusion of animation, this work explores and exposes the absurd realities of our world and where we are headed, while also exploring life’s deepest questions such as: How do celebrities find people who love them for who they really are? Is it cheating if it’s VR? Is it cheating if it’s VR? Is it using AI?”

    Watch the official trailer below to learn more about the film’s long and impressive indie backstory.

    De facto love ‘should never have been made’

    love virtually “” is another film production born out of the coronavirus pandemic, at a time when making smaller films required smaller crews and casts. Some of the best films of this period include: host, windfall, inside the earthand language lessons. love virtually The film was shot during the pandemic, but the DIY virtual reality animation took a full two years in post-production. This film has finally been released after a lot of passionate work by a small team. LE Staiman says of this lo-fi film in the words of a charming director:

    love virtually is a movie that, for all practical purposes, should never have been made. It was so ambitious that executing the concept required technical skills that neither I nor my filmmaking partner Cheston Mizell possessed.

    “In April 2020, just weeks after the pandemic began, I decided to give up my job in LA to survive the end of the world and found myself frustrated at my parents’ home in Florida. .I was a single, struggling filmmaker, scraping with low-budget commercials, music videos, and bar mitzvah shoots. […]

    We were both itching to do something creative to distract ourselves from the possible end of civilization as we know it, so we started talking on the phone about ridiculous movie concepts. Ta.

    “The original idea was Please take a photo of the entire Zoom, the actors have been filming on iPhones, and the big culmination will take place at one of those short-lived 2020 Zoom parties. That was enough to get the ball rolling, so we quickly outlined and wrote an absolutely ridiculous script about his four couples trying to navigate their ridiculous relationships in the digital age. The problem was, as we write, we were getting more and more ambitious, and our Zoom parties quickly turned into VR nightclubs. Suddenly, half the movie requires expensive, complicated animation. And like an idealistic fool, as soon as he got the first draft of the film, he proceeded to make it on a super low budget. […]

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    “This plan must have scared me so much, but I don’t think I actually thought the movie would ever happen. Yet somehow things kept moving forward.” […] After several weeks, we were unable to find a legitimate animation company willing to do the work for the price we were willing to pay, but Cheston purchased two MoCap suits to animate the film himself. I decided to do it. ”

    That was probably one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard in my life. However, with the shooting date fast approaching, I had no choice. I held my breath and prayed for the best.

    “Post-production took nearly two years, editing the film on a laptop and sending scenes back to one VFX artist, who shot over 600 VFX shots by himself. […] So this is the movie that should never have been made, about two clueless incompetents who come from nowhere, are stupid enough to try the impossible, and somehow luckily do it. It’s about actually accomplishing it. ”

    You can see the results of all your work by love virtually Released digitally and on demand on November 7, 2023.


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