Luxury brand RTFKT and Ledger announce capsule collection and educational partnership at NFT Paris — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

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    RTFKT founder Benoit Pagotto said:

    Ledger and RTFKT kick off their partnership with a physical release, bringing collectors immaculate custom editions of the Ledger Nano S Plus and I’m Nano X. These can be purchased as NFTs and redeemed for physical items.

    Following initial limited drops, people should pay attention [ Ledger ] A marketplace for future collaborations, accompanied by RTFKT Quest to bring education to the masses, showcasing both physical and digital aspects of partnerships and highlighting the role of hardware in security.

    metaverse research

    Gen Z is increasingly embracing the metaverse for shopping, with 42% already interacting with brands through this channel. retail technology show research.

    On average, UK shoppers made 8 or more purchases on Roblox last year, while Gen Z now makes almost 17 purchases each year, making more purchases than this demographic makes on Facebook. more times (currently 15 times a year).

    Matt Bradley, event director for the Retail Technology Show, commented:

    “However, we are now seeing a significant shift in the status quo as this sales channel matures and continues to grow in adoption among shoppers.”

    “As new platforms and new evolutions of social commerce itself, such as the Metaverse, become more mainstream, shoppers are migrating to these new formats, and TikTok now leads as the most shopped social network. “


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