Mark Zuckerberg Takes A Small Step Toward Legs in the Metaverse With Updated Quest Avatars

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    Cartoon characters that are part of the meta’s expanding metaverse will soon start looking a little more anatomically correct. they have legs.

    Soon, users who log into Quest Home, the launching pad for Meta’s Quest virtual reality headset, will see their avatars appear more fully formed, reports The Verge. But avatars within Meta’s much-hyped new virtual reality platform, Horizon Worlds, still don’t have legs to stand on.

    The changes to Quest’s avatars may seem small, but they represent Meta’s answer to the widespread ridicule last year about Horizon World’s avatars’ visual malformations, especially the missing legs. Without these appendages, the avatar seemed eerily floating like a tiny digital Casper. It’s an embarrassing announcement for Horizon Worlds, a major focus for CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who hopes VR will reignite the company’s growth.

    One Quest user, Brad Lynch, said: I shared a video on X Here’s what Quest’s legs look like on Tuesday. “A good start,” he concluded, noting that even with legs, the avatar still can’t do simple things like crouching.

    Hopefully this issue will be fixed by September 27th, when Meta hosts its annual VR event Meta Connect. The event is a fanfare rally intended to highlight recent improvements and upcoming changes to the company’s early virtual worlds.


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