Matthew Harris, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, UK, Ireland, Middle East and Africa, HPE – Intelligent CIO Middle East

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    Please provide an overview of your current role and your organization's business model.

    I'm a Managing Director for Hewlett Packard Enterprise's UK, Ireland, Middle East and Africa division. An organization of over 3,500 team members. In the region I lead, we have active operations in eight countries and a presence in markets across 48 countries.

    Despite the breadth of our business, HPE is united by one common purpose. By supporting our customers and partners on their transformation journeys, we empower people to move forward in the way they live and work. Deliver edge-connected, cloud-enabled AI solutions through the HPE GreenLake cloud platform.

    What are your strengths and abilities that you would bring to the role above?

    I've been with HPE for more than 20 years, and I've never felt more connected to and motivated by the company's mission. To evolve the way people live and work. Whether it's by helping build sports stadiums with cutting-edge technology to improve the fan experience, or by supporting local governments' digitalization strategies to improve the citizen experience. There may be some.

    One of the traits that has supported me in every role is being curious and open-minded. Be open to change and have the ability to learn and adapt, especially when working in a fast-paced technology market.

    Describe the expectations of the end customers you serve. What is bothering them today?

    HPE operates across all market segments and geographies. One of the recurring themes we hear from clients, large and small, is their digital ambitions and focus on remaining operationally conscious.

    When it comes to customer IT exceptions, the solution must be optimized to support the business. they have to work all the time. That's non-negotiable. The operational environment is where complexity arises, and HPE continues to invest in people and technology to make operations seamless in support of customers and partners.

    One of the challenges across a wide range of customers is the increasing pressure to modernize and use technology as a differentiator. Customers understand that a data-first approach is essential, but they need support to get to the point where they can take advantage of the innovations being introduced to the market.

    Which technologies and innovations can make a difference in the end customer's business?

    HPE's most important innovations include redefining experiences at the edge, powering platforms, and increasing the accessibility of AI.

    The edge is where your customers' customers are, and the edge presents significant opportunities for HPE's customer businesses. Edge technology is a core driver of the modern workplace experience and has a significant impact on staff productivity and retention. It can also improve the customer experience for end users, including next-generation venues that are being built to increase customer engagement and create more revenue opportunities.

    Cloud is an operating model and experience, not a destination. The HPE GreenLake Cloud platform enables organizations to maximize the value of cloud adoption while eliminating the risk of lock-in, control, and resiliency. HPE recently acquired OpsRamp and its innovations are already being implemented within HPE platforms. The capabilities OpsRamp brings provide customers with observability across all types of clouds, from public clouds to on-premises data centers.

    AI is a hot topic for customers and partners, from large enterprise organizations to small and medium-sized businesses. HPE is focused on giving all customers access to AI to shape the future of their business. At HPE Discover, HPE announced its AI cloud for large-scale language models. This supports making AI accessible to all businesses.

    How can channel partners in your industry disrupt local markets and gain competitive position?

    HPE is a partner-first organization. HPE derives more than 75% of its revenue through partners. HPE is positioned to help its partners disrupt the markets in which they operate through his three industry trends: edge connectivity, next-generation cloud definition as a hybrid, and AI accessibility.

    To realize all these opportunities for our mutual customers, we need partners with unique value propositions. The opportunities here are huge. HPE is committed to helping our partners build the capabilities to disrupt and capitalize on market opportunities.

    Which non-competitive companies in the region do you admire for their innovative use of technology?

    A bold Tesla that challenges the status quo. Back in 2003, the company set out to disrupt the auto industry with electric vehicles, long before they started becoming the industry standard. They have been active in this field and we can now see most, if not all, car manufacturers following suit with the development of electric and hybrid vehicles.

    There are some similarities with HPE, which announced in 2019 that the world was going hybrid. The cloud market has changed, and HPE believes hybrid is now the norm, not the exception, for customers.

    What aspects of your work role do you find rewarding and rewarding?

    Making a change is most important. This could be by coaching and encouraging people within your team to do their best work, or by collaborating with customers and partners to build and reimagine solutions that help shape the future. The hardest part is keeping up with the speed of change within the technology industry. Constant change always creates new opportunities.

    How can I de-stress from work and recharge?

    You need to have the right mindset from the beginning and understand the importance of disconnecting, even for a short period of time. Whether it's on his 30-minute walk without technology, coaching his son's soccer team, or on a family vacation. I trust my team and I believe they will execute even when I'm not there. It's also a great opportunity for the team to step up.

    I'm not technically invested in the Metaverse, but I can see my kids getting into it. I am a strong believer in technology as a force for good and embrace the accessibility that the Metaverse brings and the opportunities for new experiences that can be provided through the digital world.

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