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    Seoul, South Korea and Barcelona,Spain , February 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Maxst Co., Ltd. (KRX: 377030), a leader in the Metaverse platform, mobile world congress (MWC) 2024 spain, barcelonaScheduled from February 26-29, 2024. The company aims to introduce cutting-edge spatial computing technology and diverse service platforms. Founded in 2010, MAXST is known for its dedication to developing and improving AR source technology.

    At MWC, MAXST We will reveal our unique AR technology that creates 3D spatial maps in the physical world. MAXST's Industrial AR solution MAXWORK, XR metaverse development platform MAXVERSE, AR development platform MAXST AR SDK, and new metaverse service TLONA.

    max work, MAXST's Industrial AR solutions are hailed as groundbreaking innovations that enhance work efficiency and resource savings through AR-enabled equipment inspection, documentation, and remote support. MAXWORK, which has already partnered with several leading Korean companies, is scheduled for a version 2 upgrade in late 2024 featuring a new architectural design and digital twin integration.

    MAXVERSE is an XR metaverse development platform launched in 2016. October 2023stands out from other virtual reality-focused metaverses by enabling the simultaneous development of both AR and VR within a three-dimensional XR environment of the physical world. It currently features 20 spatial maps and also provides various content development APIs to enhance your metaverse experience beyond simple mapping. MAXST is currently enhancing its product to provide customers with superior performance, ease of use, and accessibility, and is targeting a late 2024 release.

    At the next exhibition, participants will MAXST, including the room mode functionality of the MAXSCAN application. This innovative feature allows visitors to easily generate detailed 3D spatial maps by simply taking photos of exhibition booths at the venue. The user can then use his VR device or AR glasses to explore enhanced content overlaid on this spatial map. MAXSCAN ROOM mode was introduced in version 6.2.0 of the MAXST AR SDK. This mode enables recognition of walls in indoor spaces and facilitates the creation of spatial maps with customizable textures and the ability to reconstruct wall sections. In particular, individuals equipped with smartphones or tablets with integrated LiDAR sensors can seamlessly create and modify spatial maps without the need for specialized equipment.

    MAXST's The upcoming Metaverse service TLONA is currently in closed beta, showcasing various features. In the closed beta, which ended successfully in January, features were released that allowed users to purchase land and buildings, and customize their own space in a recreated virtual space. of Seoul Gwanghwamun. An upcoming open beta, scheduled for early 2024, will allow users to create and customize individual spaces and content within the Metaverse, enhancing the space-based social platform's capabilities. TLONA also enables economic activities using virtual economic systems, such as owning, operating, and selling digital assets such as land and buildings in virtual space.

    “Through this MWC, we want to introduce: MAXST's We provide spatial computing technology and products to a global audience, while fostering business collaboration with clients across a variety of sectors. ” MAXST representative. “Our goal is to foster and expand the Metaverse ecosystem, where anyone can easily create a reality-based Metaverse space and experience various content services without the constraints of space or time.”

    Organized by the GSMA, MWC serves as a platform to unveil the latest trends in the global telecommunications industry. MAXST We will be stationed at booth #CS94. Fira Gran Via Congress Square throughout the four days of the event.

    MAXST's Booth location: Fira Gran Via Congress Square#CS94

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