MeetKai and Meta-Stadiums Bring FIFA Games to the Metaverse

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    AI Metaverse company MeetKai has partnered with entertainment, gaming, and NFT Metaverse platform Meta-Stadiums to establish the world's best soccer universe.

    The companies have also been working with FIFA licensed match agency SLFC Soccer to successfully implement the Metaverse platform.

    Through this partnership, Metastadium will bring soccer enthusiasts into the virtual realm where they will be able to watch matches from selected professional clubs and FIFA teams. Soccer fans can now enjoy an authentic match experience, from stadium seating to shopping, all from the comfort of their own home.

    A changing soccer season

    The virtual stadium is expected to offer soccer fans a different immersive streaming experience of live matches, in time for the esports tournament that started on December 6th.

    according to Today's XR According to the article, the platform will offer 150 live virtual soccer matches for around 137 FIFA teams. This new collaboration allows sports brands to engage with fans in new ways using spatial technology.

    Meat Kai CEO and co-founder James Kaplan said the partnership aims to push “the boundaries of virtual experiences.”

    “Metastadium is not just a game-changer for football lovers; it's a game-changer for the future of entertainment and sports engagement,” he said.

    “We’re excited to offer fans a unique opportunity to connect with the sport they love in a whole new way.”

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    Bringing the Metaverse to Everyone

    When I commented on this collaboration, meta stadium CEO Delence Sears Sr. said his company's goal is to make Metaverse “remove barriers to entry and make it accessible to the entire world in a practical and user-friendly way.” .

    “Soccer is the number one sport in the world, bringing together different cultures, religions, traditions and nations. We are excited to offer the Metaverse platform and experience that embraces soccer culture, along with our superior technology. ” he said.

    The platform works with VR headsets, mobile devices, web browsers, laptops, and similar devices. It also allows people of all ages to participate and increases engagement among viewers.

    easy shopping

    The partnership will also allow Meta Studios to integrate MeetKai's online merchandising store technology. The partnership will allow the sports retailer to ship physical products “directly to shoppers' homes.”

    “As technology continues to evolve, it's important to be able to meet fans where they are, and this is a great opportunity to strengthen that connection.” Said Fred Whitfield, President and Vice Chairman, Hornets Sports & Entertainment;

    “The Hornets Virtual Fan Shop allows fans to enjoy a game-day shopping experience from anywhere, and we are excited to offer this innovative new opportunity.”

    Soccer enthusiasts can also watch matches and view digital twins of stadiums in nearby areas at the same time. Details of this partnership also suggest that fans will be able to sit in the press box or his VIP skybox during matches, stimulating a real-life match experience.

    You also have the opportunity to join 5,000 matches archived on the server and continuously replay previous matches.

    It has been suggested that the platform will also host NFTs and other bespoke digital content to commemorate matches and key gameplay moments.


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