Messi’s Secret Environmental Project Leaked?

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    Anything signed by GOAT footballer Leo Messi automatically becomes newsworthy for the legend’s millions of fans. And we’ve received word that it may reveal what the superstar is up to apart from a move to the well-known Inter Miami CF.

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    Probably the black box invitation in question.

    We have received an exclusive leak from a classified source. It’s a picture of a big black box with Messi’s signature scribbled on it. What is this object? It can be anything – maybe a fan memento or something more.

    black box invitation

    But, naturally, we dug further. A scroll through Messi’s social media feed provided an immediate clue.

    “I am working on something.” – Messi

    On Thursday 6 July, Messi posted a 33-second video on his Instagram in which he said, “I’m working on something.” The superstar was shown kicking a can marked for contamination. Later in the video, a billboard in the distance shows the same line as the box. This is an invitation and logo to join PLANET. Could the two be linked?

    A quick Google search for “Join the Planet” turned up the project. Star It says it is a global movement that harnesses the power of blockchain to address important social and sustainability challenges, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. And in another link between Box, Messi and Project, the logo briefly shown in Messi’s video corresponds to his PLANET logo.

    A close-up video of people asking questions.

    At the heart of PLANET there seems to be a blend of celebrity, fandom and technology.

    Partnership with GOAT

    PLANET says it partners with leading celebrities and the Greatest People of All Time (GOAT) in their fields, leveraging technology and expertise to implement the sustainability causes these celebrities want to support. So the celebrity connections are there — in fact, the project has teased the existence of multiple “GOATs” since its May 30, 2022 launch.

    We kept collecting clues.

    A section of the PLANET website is still locked, but the project’s Medium blog, telegram and twitter social media The channel has given me quite a bit of information and added a piece to the puzzle.

    Messi's Top Secret Environmental Project Leaked?

    The Instagram post fuels anticipation.

    Creating Real World Assets (RWA)

    PLANET has revealed its ecosystem utility and roadmap through daily updates. Two caught our attention. First, PLANET said in a Medium article that it is creating celebrity-backed Real World Assets (RWA), exclusive collectibles offered to the community for a limited initial sale in both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

    Is this black box the first RWA package ever sighted in the wild, or could it be part of another utility that PLANET has announced for the community, Mystery Boxes containing random rewards?

    We have reached out to the PLANET team for comment and will update this space.

    Messi’s secret environmental project leaked? First appearance in Metanews.


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