Meta Boosts Metaverse Buzz as Apple’s Vision Pro Debut Nears

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    The tech industry is in a frenzy as Apple prepares to launch its ambitious Vision Pro. But amidst Apple’s latest product whispers, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is trying to remind the world of the existing reality and vast possibilities of the Metaverse.

    Moving away from futuristic sci-fi portrayals, the tech giant recently unveiled a new campaign highlighting modern applications of virtual reality (VR).

    Meta’s recent advertising campaign is very different from previous futuristic depictions of the Metaverse. Instead of presenting distant sci-fi dreams, the new ad portrays VR as a technology that is direct, tangible, and useful.

    A scene highlighted in the campaign, dubbed “The Impact Is Real,” showcases a welder honing his skills with virtual metal. It also shows a doctor practicing surgery on a virtual eyeball, and soccer player Marcus Rashford using his VR for rehabilitation.

    The new campaign is designed to reach a wider audience, showing that the Metaverse isn’t just for games. Instead, Meta wants to educate the world that the Metaverse is an important tool for real-world applications.

    Rob Sherman, Vice President of Meta at Reality Labs, said: expressed There is an urgent need to rebuild perceptions about VR. Aiming to break down preconceived notions, Meta hopes to spark interest in software developers in a variety of fields beyond games that until now he may not have thought about the possibilities of VR and augmented reality (AR). I think.

    “This is technology that exists today, not science fiction. It is important for us to be transparent and help people understand our vision, anticipate it and participate in it,” says Sherman. emphasized Mr.

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    These efforts are intended to convince the public, business magnates, governments and other stakeholders of the need to ground the potential of the Metaverse into the status quo.

    Battle of the Metaverse: Meta vs. Apple

    A strategic shift in Meta’s promotional strategy comes as Apple’s Vision Pro is about to hit the headlines. Apple’s foray into the augmented and virtual reality scene promises to be groundbreaking, but it will also intensify the race for Metaverse supremacy.

    Neither Meta’s Horizon Worlds app nor Quest headset have had overwhelming reviews so far. Despite investing heavily in marketing the Metaverse concept, adoption remains low.

    Greg Kahn, a seasoned media and technology investor, said:

    “Meta initially made a big push that felt futuristic, but I think they realized that the market, especially here in the US, wasn’t ready to embrace the vision they envisioned.”

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    But Apple’s Vision Pro has sparked both excitement and skepticism even before its launch. The tech giant’s confidence seems unwavering.

    Susan Prescott, Apple’s Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations, said: indicated Positive feedback from developers on online resources, loan programs, and “compatibility ratings” conducted by Apple.

    “We don’t just want to have a lot of apps available for Vision Pro, we want them to work well,” emphasized Prescott.

    By demonstrating the Vision Pro’s potential for everything from immersive cinematic experiences to reliving memories in 3D, Apple hopes to attract millions of developers to its platform.

    Meta’s shift in marketing strategy contrasts with Apple’s foray into VR, and highlights the profound impact the Metaverse has on the real world. While Apple is committed to attracting developers to its platform, Meta’s campaign speaks directly to VR’s unrealized potential, from medical training to sports rehabilitation.

    “I don’t think it’s a problem trying to convince people that this is a great form factor. I think that there. [Achieving that will] It will drive adoption and enthusiasm for the platform,” said Steve Sinclair, senior director of product marketing for Apple Vision Pro.

    road ahead

    The future of the metaverse is definitely a shared one. Meta and Apple’s primary goal of throwing into the ring remains the same. Fundamentally, these companies want to usher in a new era where the lines between reality and virtuality are blurring.

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    Meta’s rebranding from Facebook was, in many ways, a bet on this future. With the arrival of Apple’s Vision Pro, the company’s new advertising campaign seems like a key reminder that the Metaverse is real.

    Estimated revenue of the metaverse market. sauce: Statista

    It’s worth noting that as technology advances, the metaverse already exists. Whether experienced through Apple’s Vision Pro or Meta’s suite of tools, this new landscape offers opportunities and challenges that will shape the future.

    The race continues, and consumers and industry stand to benefit as these tech giants vie for supremacy in the metaverse.


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