Meta-Builders Unveils Platform to Connect Web3 Developers with Businesses for NFT and Metaverse Integration

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    Meta-Builders launches platform connecting Web3 developers and enterprises for NFT and Metaverse integration
    October 29, 2023
    October 29, 2023

    kelly cromley

    Meta-Builders, a prominent player in the Web3 development industry, has recently announced that it will enable freelancers in this field to establish connections with business owners looking to integrate NFTs and the Metaverse environment into their operations. We have introduced new measures. This development will be a boon for freelancers with expertise across a variety of Web3 applications, including NFTs, smart contracts, and metaverse structures.

    While the initial excitement surrounding the Metaverse project seems to have subsided somewhat, it still has a staggering 400 million active users worldwide, according to Metaverse data. According to research compiled by METAV.RS, more than 70% of Americans are immersed or already immersed in this virtual world, and by 2026, one-quarter of Americans will be using it on a daily basis. It is expected that they will devote part of their lives to the Metaverse.

    However, stepping into the world of Web3 development requires a deep understanding of niche areas such as blockchain programming and smart contract integration, making it difficult for companies to set up and train in-house teams with resources. This will be a consuming endeavor. Additionally, given the relatively nascent nature of the industry, freelance he Web3 developers often face challenges securing clients due to the lack of a robust referral network or sufficient portfolio. . To address these needs and bridge the gap between companies looking to exploit the potential of the Metaverse and seasoned developers actively looking for work opportunities in his Web3, Meta-Builders has introduced an innovative freelancing platform.

    Meta-Builders’ platform provides a mechanism for entrepreneurs to consult with the company’s experienced team, leading to skilled freelancers who can design and launch Metaverse projects. Essentially, the platform establishes a more reliable employment path for freelance developers while giving them the flexibility they seek in their work arrangements.

    For freelancers, the platform offers another valuable feature in the form of an active online Discord community hosted by Meta-Builders. This community serves as a hub where developers and business owners can seamlessly connect and have fruitful discussions about ongoing projects, innovative ideas, and future prospects. In particular, Meta-Builders has a successful track record of forming partnerships and facilitating connections between freelancers and prominent companies and clients such as Blockchain Valley Virtual, Moloch Digital, and Hip Hop Heads.

    Representatives of Meta-Builders said, “Our goal is to establish ourselves as a consistent and reliable resource for service providers in the Web3 space, allowing service providers to access stable employment opportunities through ‘home-based freelancing.” ”, emphasizing its mission. This approach gives workers greater control over their working arrangements while ensuring they enjoy the prospect of continued ’employment’. ”

    In conclusion, Meta-Builders’ latest update emerges as a pivotal development in the ever-evolving Web3 environment, facilitating collaboration between freelance developers and forward-thinking business owners. As the Metaverse continues to captivate the imaginations of millions of people, the platform will play a key role in connecting talent and opportunity, enabling both parties to take full advantage of the potential of this burgeoning digital frontier. I’m ready to do it.


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