Meta can ride Apple’s coattails to victory in mixed reality

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    Meta is a market leader in VR and AR, but admittedly, it's not a huge market. Insider Intelligence estimates that 35.6 million people in the United States use a VR headset at least once a month. So far, the Metaverse has looked like nothing more than Zuckerberg's folly, a money pit that the company claims is striving for “efficiency,” but it's a misguided bet on the future of computing and more. It might have been better to develop a big business. artificial intelligence.

    I think this perception is wrong. The Metaverse will be worth it. Think of the possibilities of fully immersive virtual worlds or digitally enhanced real worlds. Additionally, Meta has the resources and talent to foster multiple innovations simultaneously.

    What the Metaverse needs is a propaganda reset. Apple's launch, and the weaknesses of a product that seems to involve compromises that Steve Jobs may or may not have forgiven, provides that opportunity.

    Here's how to do it with Meta: First, do away with all ads featuring poor souls shuffling around their homes, pretending to be amazed at an unappealing virtual world where they don't even have legs, let alone humans. Please refrain from keynote speech demonstrations where executives feign surprise and cooperate and “hang out.”

    If Meta really wants to sell a ton of headsets—and they're currently spending over $50 billion developing them, they should—the following ad will be placed in my apartment. It should be done. It's 10pm and I'm wearing nothing but boxers, socks, and a copy of Metaquest 3 over my eyes, and I'm sweating profusely behind it. They jump, wave their arms, lunge and crouch to Aqua's seminal hit “Barbie Girl.” I am a quivering, hairy specimen of a monster. But I'm smiling. The screen becomes completely black. The caption says “Quest 3” and says “Now available.”

    It seems unlikely that Meta's marketing team would agree to such a groundbreaking proposal, perhaps fearing it would be aired over dinner. So maybe that campaign will be a shot of me buying jeans with a smaller waist size. Or sometimes I get home for Christmas and my parents tell me I've lost weight. Maybe it's the data from my Apple Watch being shared that shows I've hit my exercise goal every day out of the park for the past two months. Ever since the night I first jumped into his Supernatural VR fitness app. This is a series of activities that I don't think he's ever been able to accomplish in his life (and certainly not in the four years he's had this watch).


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